Cost of Pectoral Implants?

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Cost of Pectoral Implants?

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As a bodybuilder, I see quite a few patients who want some form of implant enlargement for a particular lagging muscle group. The placement of pectoral implants usually involves customizing existing implants to fit the contours of each patient to produce a natural look that fits chest wall and pectoralis dimensions. Pectoral implants are usually placed through an incision under the armpit in about a one to two hour long procedure. I typically charge between $6000 and $10000 depending upon the relative difficulty of the operation and the estimated time in the OR.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Cost for Pectoral Implants

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The average range for pectoral implants are from $7000 - $11000. Make sure that your Plastic Surgeon has experience doing pectoral implant because not everyone has the training or experience. Many of our patients travel to Atlanta for Pectoral implants. Good Luck.

Canadian Price for Pectoral Implants - Toronto Downtown

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I have performed pectoral implantation for 6 years, approximately 1-2 per month.  I use various shapes of soft-solid (ie non-gel) silicone implants and each model comes in various sizes.  I choose the implants based on the patient's anatomy and his desired 'look': subtle look, swimmer's look, bulky body-builder look, etc.  Incisions are in the underarm hair-bearing area, the implants are placed under the original pectoral muscles and the procedure is performed in a fully-accredited surgi-center, with board-certified anesthesiologists.  Cost is 9500$ + taxes for most implants (pre-formed) and this is all inclusive.  Custom-made ones (which require molding and fabrication) are 14000$ + taxes for the 2.  Custom-made implants are rarely needed but might be a consideration for some cases of pectus excavatum and for patients with Poland's syndrome.  Hope this helps!  Dr. Marc DuPere, Board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Toronto, Canada  416.929.9800

Price of pec implants

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Pricing in my office can range from $8000-13,000 depending on if the pec implant is custom or not and how much work is needed. My pricing includes all costs including the surgery center, anesthesia, surgeon, and all of the post op care. Don't go only on price. Look for credentials and experience as well as safety of where the procedure is performed.

Cost of Pectoral Implants?

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The cost of pectoral implants is anywhere between $4500 - $8500.  See a few plastic Surgeons before you decide.

Do not base your decision solely on price!

Dr. Carlos Cordoba
Plastic & Esthetic Surgeon
4055 Ste-Catherine O. Suite 100
Montreal, QC. Canada H3Z 3J8

Carlos Cordoba, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Pec Implants Cost

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In Toronto, Ontario, pectoral implants cost about $8000-$9000. The pricing depends on a variety of factors, including city, surgeon, anaesthetic fees, and surgical facility. I recommend you choose based on the surgeon rather than the price.

Pec Implants

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The chest area in men and the chest area in both men and women can be augmented through the use of FDA approved implants made of a silicon elastimer.


Male patients who wish a fuller more sculpted look in the chest/pectoral area are good candidates for pectoral augmentation. In addition, patients who have had injuries or congenital deformities will also benefit.


The procedure is done utilizing incisions in the underarm area. The implant is placed beneath the chest muscle. Small plastic drains may be used and are in place for several days. A compressive wrap is used for several days after the procedure. There will be some degree of bruising and swelling. Patients can return to work in one week. More strenuous activities should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

Cost is always a consideration in elective surgery. Procedure prices can vary widely, because every patient is different. It could be a range of $7,000 and up.

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