Correction for Adult Mild/moderate Hypertelorism (Wide Set Eyes)? (photo)

What can be done about mild/moderate hypertelorism? I always looked a bit "odd" growing up and it now appears to me the root of the problem is how wide set my eyes are. I do understand that I do not have Stage 3 "severe" hypertelorism. I believe I am more Stage 1/2, with an intercanthal distance 130% (36 mm) of my eye width. Would I be a candidate for craniofacial surgery, such as a medial wall subcranial osteotomy? Or could a custom "implant" be fashioned to "push" the eyes closer? Thanks!

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Reconstructive Surgery

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Fellows of the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery would consider your issues an amazing challenge.  Therefore, please contact Board Certified Reconstructive Surgeons in a University setting for consultations regarding craniofacial surgery.

It is important to understand that craniofacial surgery is a huge technical and intellectual advancement for medicine.

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However, it is not a cosmetic surgery.  I agree that your eyes are a bit wide set.  However, to have surgery that is potentially life threatening or can cause permanent blindness for your issue, in my opinion is not reasonable.  The surgery is very good for those with less than human appearance.  For someone like yourself, It is just very unlikely that surgery on balance will be helpful.  Sometimes it can be helpful to discuss your concerns with a psychotherapist to help gain insight about your personal views on your appearance and how others perceive you.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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