Hair and Pimple Growth Through Scar After Mole Removal. What Does This Mean for my Scar?

I had a mole removed off my face which left a 2mm raised hypertrophic scar 2 years ago. To my surprise facial hair and occasionally pimples grow out the scar, when I thought hair and pimples cannot grow through scar tissue. When I dont touch the scar for a while it is white however if I rub it, it becomes slightly red. What does this mean for my scar? does it mean the skin their is still healthy and perhaps the scar still has a chance of improving more? Thanks.

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Thick scar after mole removal

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I would begin treatment  for the raised hypertrophic part of the scar.  Hair growth or ingrown hairs may be inciting inflammation and thickened scar as well. I would treat with lasers and IIT> 

Mole removal

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I would recommend that you see your physician for a follow-up in evaluating the area.  I would not encourage you to rub the scar as this may cause irritation.  Your physician may suggest a steroid injection or possibly laser treatment.

Mole removals and scars

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A raised hypertrophic scar from the mole removal was your body's reaction to the mole being removed.  Hair can grow anywhere that is "hair-bearing" on your body.  Try not to rub or annoy it as that will irritate it more and can make it more red or infected.  I would consult an experienced board certified dermatologist to evaluate the scar and see if it can be injected or if laser can be used to improve the appearance of the scar.

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