How Long Does It Take for my Facial Scars to Fade After Mole Excision?

I had around 6 moles with stitches excised from my face. Its been around a week that the stitches were removerd. The doctor assured me that the scars will fade as he has done it superficially. I applied hydroquinone to make the scar fade quickly but now the scar looks reddish. How long does it take for the scars to fade and what can i do to make them disappear quickly? Does hydroquinone help?

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It typically takes up to 1 year for a scar to heal.  Make sure to follow-up with your physician regarding any questions or concerns that you may have about the healing process.  

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Scar fading

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A scar will continue to fade, blend and improve over about 1 year. Hydroquinone should not be applied for at least 2 weeks after surgery as it can be irritating to the skin, resulting in redness and irritation or itching. Sun protection is critical, as is patience. Have the dermatologist review the healing after 6-8 weeks, and they can the suggest other methods to fade it faster such as laser, creams, etc. Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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