Age 21. Options for Under Eye Treatments?

Which condition do I have, under eye bags, tear trough deformity, under eye puffiness, or dark circles? What are the difference between under eye bags, tear trough deformity, under eye puffiness, and dark circles? Can some please provide a photo example of each? I'm 21,been having this condition since I was 8 or 9. I have allergies, and I tried many eye creams. I hate the thought of having surgery. What are my options? I natural have "angry look" on my face, so what could I do about that?

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21 years old with with tear trouph deformity.

All the conditions that you mentioned are the same. your best option now is to get Restylane injection by an expert, deep on the bone in the groove bellow your bags. This should last you two years. later on if the bags are worse they can be surgically treated by bringing the fat from the bags down in the groove bellow. to correct the situation. Don't be in a hurry you have a long life a head of you. .Fat transfer is not as reliable in this location.

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Under eye bags

Dear Anonymousgirl,

Eye bags can happen at an early age.  The key thing, when you are so young, is not to do anything that is potentially irreversible.  An injectible filler such as Restlyane works great for this area with good results.


Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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Under eye hollowness

Most patient with under eye deformities have deficient cheek bone volume. If you hold a pencil against your brow, you will notice, a big gap between it and your cheek bone. This happens in young and old alike. The treatment is replacing the volume. Fillers are good start and if you like it, then may consider fat transfer or cheek implants.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
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Treatment of tear troughs

You have all of them. You could benefit from a filler if done properly. I would be reluctant to do invasive surgery in this area for a 21 year old. The main problem though is the allergies you mention. No matter what you do, filler injections and/or surgery, the risk of recurrence or a bad result goes up if the allergies are not under control.

Aaron Stone, MD
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Never Renove Fat From Under Eyelids, Add fat. Use Juvederm

You will benefit from Juvederm  injection done very carefully by and experienced ABPS surgeon.     An alternative is to have fat transferred from under your chin to eye sockets.    You are hollow.  You are fat definient.  DO NOT LET ANY ONE TAKE FAT FROM YOUR LOWER LIDS OR YOU WILL BE EVEN MORE HOLLOW AND VERY UNHAPPY.  Do not have a transconjunctival blepharopl;asty to remove fat.   You need all you fat plus some.   Fat transfer in this area works fantastic.    A little liposuction is done under your chin to harvest fat.  This is wonderful fat for filling your hollowness.  Make sure you see a surgeon boarded by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.   Good luck.   Remember there ius no rush.  You are pretty as you are .  See out the correct doctor with experience.    Good luck.    George Commons, MD

George Commons, MD
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