Concerns About Treating Temple Veins With Laser?

Could a clot happen? if so could it travel and cause problems? If the clot stayed stuck in the vein could the vein re open on its own and then could the clot travel and cause problems? If the above could happen what are the chances of this happen? Are they extreemely remote? or very possible?

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Temple Veins and 1064 nm laser

Temple veins are rarely if ever amenable to laser as they are large and they are veins - they bulge and pop put - spider veins would be amenable to treatment. Most of the temple veins have to be excized with microsurgical technique. Either way, sclerotherapy or laser or excision is not associated with clot dislodgement and embolization. 

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Lasers work by essentially clotting the veins that they are treating.  These veins then slowly dissolve over time.  Often times more than one treatment is necessary because the vein may not close completely with one treatment. Treated veins can reopen and this is way follow up is necessary.  I have never heard of a clot traveling from a treated layered temporal vein. 

John Landi, MD
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Temporal veins

Not all laser are effective in the treatment of temporal veins.  The most effective lasers are those with 1064 nm wavelength because of the  diameter and depth of these veins.  The potential of clots traveling from the site of coagulation is almost non-existent.  to the best of my knowledge the clots are local and digested by the macrophages of the immune system.   

Maritza Perez, MD
New Canaan Dermatologic Surgeon

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