Still pretty red 1 month after a deep peri-oral chemical peel. Is it too early to worry? (Photo)

I had a peri-oral croton oil peel 1 month ago. Was given a medrol dose-pak a few days after for swelling (which resolved it). Two weeks into my recovery I was still bright red though & started 2.5% topical hydrocortisone 2 to 3x/day. This has only slightly improved the color. My ps says that I may want to go up to 5% if redness doesn't improve soon. Is this normal recovery? Do most people require hydrocortisone & stay this red this long? How long is hydrocortisone safe to use on this area?

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Deep Chemical Peels

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Deep chemical peels are pretty uncommon these days just for the reasons that you are describing.  You can get red and stay red for months.  Proper wound care and sunscreens are necessary as this can take a long time to go away.  Best, Dr. Green

Still red 1 month after deep peel around the mouth...should I be worried?

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Thanks for your question.  There are not many doctors using deep chemical peels of this nature any longer.  It's becoming a lost art.  I still use these peels occasionally, however. Plus, I trained extensively with their use. 
I am also assuming that the peel had some phenol in it. 
One downside of these particular peels is that the pinkness may persist for months. I've seen some cases of pink flare up for 9-12 months.  So, trust in your surgeon and keep close follow up. Please remember to follow all post-operative precautions because there are certain irritants that can keep making the pink flare. 
Good luck with your recovery. The results should be worth the wait!

Parker A. Velargo, MD
New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon
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