IPL Brown Spots Darker but Not Flaking?

I had bbl one week ago. My first one made brown spots turn dark brown like coffee grounds and fell off. This past one turned the spots light brown/tan and show no sign of flaking/crusting, but are still darker than prior to trtmt. Will they will still fade?? I'm so scared I will be left with more brown!!!

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IPL Brown Spots Darker but Not Flaking?

Continuing your IPL series would help eliminate deep pigmentation and bring it out the surface, make sure to wear appropriate sun protection daily

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IPL Brown Spots Darker but Not Flaking?

Make sure you are being treated by a qualified medical provider who works with all skin types, there is a possibility that your skin may have reacted to the laser and the pigment has gotten worse. Please follow up with your physican to help with further issues

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Dark pigment after IPL treatment

It is expected for brown pigment to turn darker after an IPL treatment. Sometimes, the darkened areas will not flake off. This is often due to the face that the pigment is not close enough to the surface of the skin. Try not to be too concerned, as IPL usually requires a series of treatments to remove some of the deeper pigment. Also be certain to use sunscreen at all times, and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

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BBL, IPL and laser treatments for brown spots

You probably require additional IPL treatments with a wavelength specific for brown pigmentation, rather than just BBL.  Another option is a true laser that treats pigmentation.  You should not be tanned before your treatments and must avoid the sun after your treatment.  Use sun protection daily.

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IPL brown spots darker but not flaking

IPL brings brown pigment to the surface. Sometimes as the deeper pigment is rising it's not capable of fully reaching the skin after a treatment. The next treatment should bring those to the surface and you will have significant coffee grounding after that treatment. In the meantime make sure you are using a good sunscreen everyday and a good antioxidant like SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin work even more amazing when combined with effective IPL treatments.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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