What are the chances of death from plastic surgery with a double board certified plastic surgeon?

I am getting plastic surgery in 5 days. A Brazilian butt lift & chin lipo. I just wanted to know what the chances are of a complication or death occurring? Especially pulmonary embolism. All my blood test came back fine. I'm 25 years old. I've been under anethesia before. Some of the articles I read about deaths are scary.

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What are the chances of death from plastic surgery with a double board certified plastic surgeon?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well... Dear, every plastic surgery, like other surgery has it's own risks. you need to sit with your desired surgeon and talk about all the risks and complications that can appear after surgery, for you to know better with you will get through..

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Risks associated with BBL and liposuction

All surgical procedures carry risks and these should be discussed with your surgeon. BBL do carry higher risks of fat embolism. In the hands of an experienced surgeon with a good understanding of anatomy this risk can be reduced however there is no guarantee. 

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your answer to what is the risk of death with Brazilian butt lift surgery

A recent survey was performed by the American Society of plastic surgeons looking at death rates from Brazilian butt lift specifically fat emboli. 

 The conclusion is that 1/3000 patients who undergo Brazilian butt lift have died from a fat embolus. This is an astonishingly high number and one that should be much lower. Surgeons must rethink their technique and instrumentation in order to avoid this dreaded complication. 

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What are the chances of death from plastic surgery with a double board certified plastic surgeon?

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you won't have a complication with elective plastic surgery even in great hands (board certified plastic surgeon). That is why it is important that you follow all of the recommendations of your PS. If you have no genetic predisposition for blood clots and no personal history of a blood clot or cancer and are not taking birth control, our chances of getting a DVT/PE is low. You must be mobile post op walking around 5-6x per day to get the blood moving in your legs to avoid stasis and clots. The other scary thing that can happen with a BBL is a fat embolus. It is also rare but very scary. You want your PS to tell you about all of this stuff so that you are well informed. 

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Chances Of Death From Plastic Surgery

The number of "boards" a plastic surgeon holds doesn't predict or ensure a good outcome. The number of "boards" a plastic surgeon holds doesn't matter if s/he cuts corners or is lackadaisical when it comes to safety. You should ask your plastic surgeon which precautions s/he is taking to reduce YOUR risk of blood clots (before the operation, during the operation, and after the operation). Your plastic surgeon should have also asked you about your specific clotting risks – personal history of clots, family history of clots, use of contraceptives, medications, etc. The  length of your surgery and the type of anesthesia (general versus local with or without sedation) used for your surgery will also be a factor. Best of luck!

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