Can I Take Colostrum Supplements Before Surgery?

I have surgery scheduled for the 30th and I have colostrum supplements. If you google it it's pretty remarkable, and the testimonials are interesting as well. They state a lot of people taking them before surgery and had extremely quick recoveries. So I was curious to see if I could take them as well

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Colostrum Supplements

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There is nothing remarkable about this product, other than it's completely unproven and it's being sold on the internet.  Actually, that is not remarkable either, as there are so many things for sale on the internet that don't actually do anything.

There is a sleeping giant that is slowly creeping up on the most unlikely group of people: those that are anti-corporate, anti-pharmaceutical, ecologically/globally minded, and health conscious. What they don't realize is that this giant is a corporate, for-profit industry that is growing into billions of dollars per year. Their trick: using 'natural' as the key to convince you that their products are 100% safe, effective, and without side effects or complications.  Just like the allegations of fraud, lies, and collusion bestowed upon the pharmaceutical industry, the Natural Industry utilizes these same techniques to draw distinction of itself from the pharmaceutical industry (and western medicine) and thereby draw you in.

Contrary to popular belief (and wishful thinking), you can not 'supercharge' your body's functions by simply giving it more of a good thing.  On the other hand, you can optimize function by avoiding things that limit your body's ability to function at its optimal level.  For example, you can avoid aspirin, cigarettes, marijuana, drugs, alcohol, and other drugs like Ibuprofen that limit your body's blood clotting ability, and this will help limit bruising and swelling.  Similarly, eating well, moderate exercise, sufficient sleep, and stress reduction will also optimize the body's functions.

Best of luck!

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Colostrum supplements

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Colostrum? Really? Where do they get it? Sounds gross to me and I have never heard of it. Doubt it does anything but waste you hard earned money!

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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