Missed Period After TT- 7 Weeks Post Surgery-- Is This Common?

I am 7 weeks post full TT and lipo and am over one week late for my menstrual cycle. I had a pregnancy test day of surgery that was negative and also had a menstual cycle three days after surgery (it was light and came a week early.) I have taken another pregnancy test as of today that was negative and my husband has had a vasectomy 6 months ago. I'm assuming I am not pregnant. However, I have had what feels like PMS symptoms for about 10 days now. How common is this problem? Thank you.

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Post-sugical menstual cycles

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It's not unusual to miss a period or even two after a major surgery. The stress of surgery and anesthesia often throws off the most regular cycle. Don't worry but let your gynecologist know if this persists or you notice any other gynecologic changes.

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Changes in period after surgeyr

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It is not uncommon to have changes in your cycle after a tummy tuck or major surgery. Don't worry, it will come. 

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Missed Period After TT- 7 Weeks Post Surgery-- Is This Common?

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Thank you for the question.
Yes, any surgical procedure can cause alteration of the menstrual cycle.   Your cycles should return to normal within a few months;  if not,  consultation with your OB/GYN may be necessary.
Best wishes.

Missed Period After TT - 7 Weeks Post Surgery .. Is this Common?

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First of all thank you for your questions.  It is not uncommon to have changes with your menstrual cycle  after surgery and anesthesia.  You may expect your periods to return to normal for your next cycle although do not worry if you do not have a period exactly when expected the next time around.  It may take a month or two to fully revert to normal. If you are still concerned you may want to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon or you OB/GYN.  Best of Luck.

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Disruption of menstrual cycle

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Elective surgery and anesthesia can disrupt a woman's menstrual cycle.   If you are worried, follow-up with your OB/Gyn for a checkup.  Best wishes,

Dr. Basu

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Major surgery including abdominoplasty can alter menstrual cycle.

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Disruption of the menstrual cycle by a significant operations such as abdominoplasty is not uncommon.

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