Closing a Larger Gap Caused By an Oversized Frenum?

My question is what methods are there for closing a gap caused by an oversized frenum? Would a frenectomy be needed before braces or invisalign or would the space still be closing with the current excess gum tissue? My gap is about 3.5mm wide. I have had a crown after a root canal (2nd molar), if that's any helpful. Would my crown have to be extracted? Just trying to get some info. I do know I will have to visit an orthodontist. :)

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Closing spaces, frenectomies, and root canal?crowns with Invisalign

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Each patient is different but closing spaces between front teeth is one of the most fulfilling things we do in dentistry.  There are several options which include orthodontics such as invialign, also bonding, or various types of veneers are possible.  Talk to your dentist and orthodontist and get their advice.  As your needs may lend better to one more then the other treatment.  Frenectomies are a prudent procedure that may be better before or after tooth movement depending on what you do.  Again talk to your local dentist.  Good luck!

Scott Lesueur, DDS

Closing a large gap from an "oversized" frenum can be tricky!

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Most of the time, a frenectomy can be done both prior to, or after, treatment to avoid the possibility of relapse. I would consider Invisalign treatment, conventional orthodontics and/or porcelain laminate veneers are treatment alternatives. However, I would consult with your dentist to see what is best for you. 

Closing a gap caused by an oversized frenum

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I usually like to wait till the end of the orthodontic treatment (braces or invisalign) to treat the frenum.  Everyone has their own ideas this is just mine.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Closing spaces and a large frenum.

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I personally like to have a frenectomy done after orthodontics (whether you use braces or Invisalign).  The reason is that when you do any type of surgery, you are going to have some scaring occur.  I would rather have that scaring form around teeth that are closed versus open.  That way, it would have a tendency to keep the teeth together (although another form of retention would be needed too).  My two cents...

Ron D. Wilson, DMD
Gainesville Orthodontist

Frenums can contribute to large gaps

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Normally a frenectomy is needed when closing a gap (often done with a laser).  The gap won't close by itself after the frenectomy, so orthodontics of SOME sort is needed.  Invisalign or brackets with wires then can close the space, and then wearing a retainer at the end to KEEP the space closed should be worn.

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