Orthodontist is Charging Me For Invisalign Impressions Ater I Changed My Mind?

i changed my mind after an invisalign consultation and mold impressions and the orthodontist is charging me for $2000 just for the impressions. the full treatment of invisalign being $5700. i think that is ridiculous. i dont have that money. what do u think?

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Fees for Invisalign impressions

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If you have agreed to proceed with treatment and the doctor has taken impressions for Invisalign, he/she has provided a service and incurred expenses in doing so.  It is perfectly proper to be charged and be expected to pay for it if you change your mind. This might be a few hundred dollars depending on what else is done and the methods/materials used.  In addition, if you change you mind after the case was submitted to the lab and they have performed all their work then a charge of the lab work is appropriate.  The number you quoted is in the right range.

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Invisalign has lab costs

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If the aligners were already made, then the orthodontist is already on the hook to pay Invisalign. In my office, the informed consent forms state your financial requirements at each stage, and there IS a point of no return. This IS the minimum fee from Invisalign, it is not the orthodontists fault you changed your mind.

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