Kybella vs. CoolMini

What are the pros and cons of Kybella vs. CoolMini?

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Kybella vs. CoolMini CoolSculpting

Both only recently received FDA approval.  It maybe too soon to say which one is better.
Both require multiple treatments, Coolmini 2 for a small neck but up to 4 for larger necks.
Kybella requires 2 to 5 treatments.
Both only have FDA approval for sub mental (under chin) fat and not jowl and jaw line contouring.

Although both are non surgical, there can be some swelling and few days worth of downtime with both.
Expect up to a 25% in fat reduction in both.  Results are not as good as Smart Lipo.
There is no skin tightening.   Both are not ideal for those with significant skin laxity.
This can be overcome with non surgical skin tightening treatments for those who want to avoid any and all surgery such as ultrasound (Ultherapy), external radiofrequency (Theramge) or focused radiofrequency (Endymed).

I offer patients all the above treatment options but if they are open to laser assisted liposuction, such as Laser Lift or Smart Lipo, this becomes the preferred modality as only one treatment is required, there is only 48 hours of downtime, results are superior, plus the jaw line can be contoured, and skin tightening is accomplished with one treatment modality.  Cost maybe a little more however.

Ran Y. Rubinstein, MD
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Coolsculpting Mini vs Kybella

Thank you for this excellent question.  I am excited that we have both on the market now and I expect many patients using one or both treatment modalities.  The Coolsculpting mini will get a broad reduction of the submental fat but has a little more difficult to customize the procedure as there is only one applicator size.  Kybella allow for a customized treatment for every patient based on their physical exam.  I would visit a plastic surgery a practice that offer both of these and who can also discuss with you the surgical options.

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Kybella vs. CoolMini CoolSculpting

1. Both treatment have been FDA approved for fat reduction of the submental area only
2. Both require multiple treatments
3. Both treatments are non-surgical

1. No skin tightening, so not recommended on patients with significant skin laxity
2. No able to treat or sculpture jawline

We also have available SmartLipo PrecisionTX treatment that is able to decrease the submental fat area, sculpture the jawline, and do skin tightening in one procedure. Price are comparable when faced wit 2-4 tratments of Kybella or CoolMini.

Hope this helps,
Dr. Gus Diaz
Double Board Certified in Facial Plastic Surgery
Lumenis National Laser Center of Excellence

Gustavo A. Diaz, MD
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Kybella vs Coolmini/Coolsculpting

 This is such an excellent question, I get asked this all the time in my clinic. Kybella gives more predictable and contoured results in my opinion. CoolMini can be an option, but the handpiece limits the amount of contouring that you can do. Comparing apples to apples, these are both non-surgical, noninvasive options  for neck rejuvenation with the  overall advantage going to Kybella. 

Cameron Chesnut, MD, FAAD, FACMS
Spokane Dermatologic Surgeon
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Kybella versus CoolMini

Please see my video on cosmetic surgery times website.  
Both need multiple treamtents and take months to see the results.  Kybella can contour the neck and coolmini cant (applicator only fits certain sizes.  Liposuction with or without thermiRF still gives the best results in my hands with very little downtime.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Kybella CoolMini

Kybella has been FDA approved for use to reduce the double chin; use for other areas in the U.S.A. is considered off label. Three to five treatments are requried to produce noticeable results. Burning tiingling and redness are commonly experienced lasting up to three days, swelling ten to fourteen days.
CoolMini freezes the fat being midly painful during the procedure lasting one hour.  Soreness and tingling are common for up to two months as well as swelling.  Results become noticeable after six weeks.
Both treatments produce a ten to fifteen percent reduction of the fat that is palpable vs fifty percent with liposculpture.
Cool mini is somewhat more expensive than Kybella.

Please use this information when consulting in person with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making treatment decisions.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Kybella vs CoolMini..possibly both

Great question; Kybella is an injectable that dissolves fat; It has been FDA approved for the sub-mental fat (aka double chin) since April but only actually being used in clinics since about August 2015. And the Cool Mini was just FDA cleared for treatment of the same area in the past month. Many of us will be offering both treatments and I think it is too early to say which one will be more popular, but I think there is room for both and both treatments do work.
In terms of the CoolMini, it is a "one size fits some".  If your fat fits the applicator, you can be a good candidate; For some people the applicator is too big to fit their chin and for others it is too small to give them a good result.
Kybella can be used more artfully to reduce the fat in areas that the Mini can not reach or for people who the mini does not fit.
I hope this helps!
Dr. Quenby Erickson

Quenby Erickson, DO, FAAD, FACMS
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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Kybella vs. CoolMini

Both offer permanent fat reduction, which is evident starting about a month after treatment and continues to improve for 3-5 months. Permanent is awesome! There are almost no contraindications for either treatment choice. Kybella causes a "chemical death" to the fat cells, using an ingredient natural to the body, deoxycholate. CoolMini causes a "thermal death" to the fat cells, freezing them to death, since fat cells are more sensitive to cold than other body cells.

Only the Kybella will also tighten the skin.

Also, one can sculpt out the neck and jowls more accurately to desired contours with Kybella (injectable deoxycholate).
CoolMini handpiece of CoolSculpting takes 1 hour per treatment session, and has no significant aftermath to deal with, except some redness and swelling, mild to moderate in amount for a couple hours, at most. Pain is minimal. The discomfort is due to the strong suction and cooling plates used.
To tighten the skin better after CoolMini, one usually needs another skin-tightening procedure.
Kybella takes about 5 minutes of injection time, will cause pain (moderate-to-severe, lasting usually 6-8 hours just after the treatment, and easily taken care of with oral pain medicine), immense amounts of swelling (which peaks 20-28 hours after injections and is almost gone after 2 days...and the more swelling, the more skin tightening!, as shown by the published works of Diane Duncan, MD, one of my teachers). The discomfort is due to the tiny (skinny needles, ~1/4 inch deep) injections (lessened with pre-treatment topical anesthetic cream) and quick death of fat cells. (Bye-bye fat, forever!!)
Both procedures can give patients a transient hoarseness and mild discomfort swallowing solid food for about 4-12 hours, in the first 24 hours after treatment, but no problems with breathing or
The number of treatments of either treatment modality depends on both the amount of fat present and experience level of the doctor. (I have been performing the deoxycholate injections for TEN YEARS, have performed thousands of these treatments, with 100% satisfaction of patients for the neck/jowl area. I was taught by the inventors of the procedure and formula. I have both treatment types available, and find patients have a more desirable outcome from the deoxycholate/Kybella treatments).

Deborah Kessler Hudak, MD, MHA
Raleigh-Durham Ophthalmologist
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Both Kybella and CoolMini are non-surgical treatments used to correct a double chin

Both Kybella and CoolMini are non-surgical treatments used to correct a double chin, and both require multiple treatments. Kybella pros: Works well for smaller pockets of fat; is customizable; is very effective. Kybella cons: Requires injections, and numbness is more common than with CoolMini. CoolMini pros: Is effective on larger pockets of fat; CoolMini cons: Side effects may include numbness, swelling and redness

Rupa Badlani, MD
San Francisco Physician

Kybella and CoolMini are both FDA-approved and are effective in reducing double chins with no down-time.

Kybella and CoolMini are both FDA-approved and are effective in reducing double chins with no down-time. However, they do not address excess skin. Kybella is an injectable treatment that can be tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy. It is great for smaller pockets of fat. It tends to have a higher incidence of numbness and slight bruising, but it’s only temporary. CoolMini freezes fat cells and is useful for treating larger double chins. Its side effects include temporary numbness, swelling and redness. Both Kybella and CoolMini require more then one treatment. A qualified professional can help you sort out the options. 

Patrick Unemori, MD
San Francisco Dermatologist

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