Can I have a mommy make over without having my tubes tied?

I have 3 children all by c section.

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Can I have a mommy make over without having my tubes tied?

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Hello Dear, thank you so much for your question.

This is a very common question in our consultations, the realization of the Tummy Tuck, does not imply the tubal ligation, the point is that if you have planned more children you must notify your surgeon.

Hope to hear from you soon, best wishes!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Mommy make--over without tubal ligation

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Thank you for asking about your tummy tuck/.

You can certainly have a tummy tuck without a tubal ligation! No doctor can require you to have this combination. However it is wise to not have a tummy tuck if you plan more children - having a baby will undo all the tummy tuck surgery and it would need to be done again!

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS


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Of course. A mommy makeover targets only your appearance and has no effect on your ability to have children. Getting your tubes tied before the surgery also does not have any impact. The only thing is that if you do happen to get pregnant after your mommy makeover, your results may be negatively affected. For that reason, you may want to consider getting your surgery once you’ve decided to no longer have children.

Can be performed

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The procedure can be performed even without ligating the Fallopian tubes. If you plan to have more children in the future you must inform it before you operate because in that case the closing of the abdominal muscles is done in 80/85% instead of 100%

And you must remember that if you get pregnant there will be partial modifications in your body again

Kenneth Schimensky, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Tying tubes before mommy make over

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It is certainly not necessary to have your tubes tied before having a mommy make over.

Most people don't want to have more pregnancies if they are having a mommy makeover, but there are other ways to avoid that and in any case if you were to fall pregnant, although it may spoil the results, it would probably not interfere with the pregnancy.


Can I have a mommy make over without having my tubes tied?

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I would try to find a board certified plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of these procedures and who has pictures and reviews you like.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Mommy Makeover and Tying Tubes

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Thank you for your question! While it is an option to combine such procedures, it's not necessary. Some women opt to have the tummy tuck at the same time in order to minimize healing time but it is completely normal and actually quite common for women to pursue a mommy makeover without getting their tubes tied. Good luck in your procedures!

Mommy Makeover Without Having Tubes Tied

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Combined operations are often performed with our Gynecology colleagues. Tubal ligation is a common post pregnancy procedure which is done at the time of many of the surgeries noted above. If you require a gynecologic operation or study (laparoscopy) and are considering a plastic surgery procedure, discuss these issues with your doctor. Combining these procedures decreases anesthetics, costs, and recovery time. It would be your decision as to whether or not to have your tubes tied, but be sure to discuss all of your questions and concerns with your doctors in order to determine the proper procedures.

Mommy makeover

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You can absolutely have a mommy makeover without having your tubes tied. It is just a logical choice to wait to repair and contour your abdominal area until after you are done with pregnancies. Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to learn more.

Tubal ligation not necessary before mommy makeover surgery…

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Thanks for the question. Pregnancy can take a toll on a women's body. In order to help reverse some of the effects of child bearing, many women choose to have a "mommy makeover". A mommy makeover can involve ANY of the areas affected by pregnancy:  most commonly a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and breast augmentation and/or lift (mastopexy).  Other commonly requested surgical procedures include liposuction surgery and/or genitalia surgery.

Generally speaking, the “ideal” patient for mommy makeover surgery is one who has completed pregnancies, is psycho socially/emotionally/financially stable, has an excellent social support system surrounding him/her, is capable of arranging enough recovery time, does not smoke and who has reached a long-term stable weight.

 When the time is right, seek consultation with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you would be pleased with.   I hope this, and the attached link, helps. Best wishes.


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