How can I clean the yellow brown spots from my teeth? (photo)

They have been since my childhood. Will cleaning help? I'm scared to try cleaning coz ppl say that it will cause gums to loose their grip. Pls help

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How to remove yellow-brown stains from teeth....

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Your first step should be to get a cleaning by a dental hygienist.  It is likely that this will not remove the stain, but it will remove any plaque/bacteria that is contributing to the staining.  The second step should be to get an x-ray of the tooth along with an exam by a dentist to inspect for cavities.  The third step would be to have a veneer placed for a permanent fix, or just have bonding done as a temporary fix.  Either way, removing your stains is a very, very easy job for a cosmetic dentist like myself.  I have done this thousands of times.  I'll include a link of before and after photos; the photos at the bottom show the removal of stains with bonding.  Other photos show removal of stains using veneers or crowns.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD

Cleaning with Hygienist

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A clean with a Hygienist is the best place to start and will make your teeth feel different if you have never been to one before. 

With more regular visits you will see that your gun health improves. 

Without a better photo I can not suggest more than that, other than to see a dentist to get a full treatment plan once your gum tissues are all healthy. 

Good luck 

Thomas Dey, BDS, MSc

Thomas Dey, BDS, MSc
Stevenage Dentist

Removal of Yellow Brown Spots on my front teeth

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Having a dentist or a dental hygienist clean your teeth might give you a feeling they are loose. This is only  temporary. The tartar was removed from your teeth.  They will tighten up immediately.
I am so sorry about the discoloration of your teeth, but it a common problem. Since the surface appears to be brown and mottled, this could be a sign that your teeth were exposed to too much fluoride when they were just developing. This is called fluorosis an is common among children.  I would have my teeth cleaned professionally and also have some of the stains and pits removed by microabrasion. It will smooth the teeth, creating a nicer feel and look and then I would have some whitening done.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

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Getting rid of yellow stains from teeth

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in my opinion,it looks like enamel fluorosis because of your early childhood in a high fluoride area. if that's the case, regular professional cleaning and polishing will help a bit. also a process called microabrasion to get rid of superficial defective enamel and getting a better surface to attract less stains will help. regular mild dose teeth whitening can also  help keeping them nice and white.

I see lot of these cases being born and brought up in such area.
I hope that helps.

Gel lam

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Try a product called gel-kam. You don't need a rx just ask your pharmacist. It is stannous fluoride gel. If used daily it will reverse enamel mottling

your friends don't know what their talking about.... Get a good cleaning first. You can also ask your dentist for a product called Prevident, requires a prescription but very effective at reducing enamel decalcification

Gregory Bowen, DDS
San Antonio Dentist

Yellow-brown spots

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Having regular cleanings will help to prevent having the condition you already have. Also it looks that the stains of your teeth are product of use of tetracycline antibiotics or maybe very extensive class V cavities that are progresively damaging the enamel.

A dental cleaning will never damage your gums

Jose Alonso, MD, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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How can I clean the yellow brown spots from my teeth?

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First of all, disregard what your friends have been telling you, as they are completely wrong!  What dental school did they go to?
Cleaning your teeth will make your gums and bone supporting your teeth healthier, as right now you have gingivitis, and if not treated you will find that your gum infection will progressively get worse...and then you will find out about loose teeth that you have caused based on your neglect.  Get them cleaned on a regular basis and floss daily and brush your teeth at least three times a day for at least 2-3 minutes each time.
Regarding the yellow browns spots, they may be a permanent discoloration that possibly could be improved by professional teeth bleaching (i.e. having your dentist do the bleaching, NOT getting over the counter bleaching products), or they might be treated with direct composite fillings or even porcelain veneers.

Norman Huefner, DDS
Laguna Niguel Dentist

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