Repairing diastasis recti without a tummy tuck? (Photos)

Is it possible to have your diastasis recti repaired without having to get a full tummy tuck? I am 110 pounds and have diastasis recti I do not wish to get a full tummy tuck considering the fact my tummy is small i had a hernia repaired leaving a keloid under my navel I was wondering if I could get that repaird as well ??

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Repairing diastasis recti without a tummy tuck?

It is technically possible to repair the muscle below the navel but you would still need a cut to allow access which could be up to the same as a C Section. Then you might as well consider a 'mini' tummy tuck.

It is also technically possible let but a little more difficult to repair the muscle all the way to the top at the rib cage by endoscopic keyhole techniques and the 'floating umbilicus' approach where the stalk to the navel is cut to allow access and then re stuck down. The hernia could also be repaired at the same time but would add a further degree of complexity.

I hope that is helpful. 

Best wishes for your search to restore tour abdominal wall integrity! 

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