How Do Chin Implants Change the Shape of the Face?

What are the common side effects of having a chin implant?

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Common side effects of having a chin implant...

A Chin implant is an excellent procedure for altering the projection of the chin.  This can be especially nice if your nose is overprojecting because the implant will bring better balance to the face.  After having a chin implant procedure done, you should expect to have some swelling and mild bruising.  Pain should be minimal.  The swelling should begin to reduce within 3 - 5 days with a return to work in about 1 week.  Rare side effects would be numbness or weakness of the lower lip, movement of the implant, and infection.  In the hands of an experienced facial plastic or plastic surgeon you should have a great result. 


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Risks of chin implantation

The risk of having a complication after chin implantation are very low. Specific risks include:

  • Infection: this is quite rare, especially with placed done via an incision under the chin rather than through the mouth.
  • Lower lip numbess: this side effect may occur temporarily from swelling of a nerve that comes out through the jaw bone in the area. In my experience this is a very unusual problem to encounter, though
  • Asymmetry: the implant has a small chance of shifting and/or creating asymmetry. This can be treated with repositioning if needed.

The benefits of the surgery are that of creating better balance to the overall face. It can also create a better appearing jawline and neckline.

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Effects of Chin Implant Placement

A chin implant will improve the contour of the jawline, provide the illusion of a narrower face, give better definition and separation of the face and neck, and help to decrease the fullness under the chin. Complications are rare but include post-op infection (I had one in the past 34 years ), asymmetrical placement (I repositioned one ), and a loss or change in sensation of the chin or lower lip  (I've never seen).

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Chin implants give you a stronger jawline.


In general, this is one of the great operations in plastic surgery (big improvement with very low risk).   Like anything else, it has to be done right, but there really are no side effects.  A rare infection can happen.

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