Chin Implant Sticking out After Revision?

I'm 2 weeks post-op, but it's already clear that my Chin implant is too low. What's worse is that it's sticking out of my face on one side. Is there any chance this will get resolved by itself during healing?

The doc said that the implant was pulled down by the sutures and he can't explain the  "sticking out" part. He's and offering to revise again in his office under local anesthesia after a few weeks.

Is it a safe idea? (He's board certified,clean record, seems capable, but the implant doesn't stay in place for the 2nd time already). Thank you!

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Consider an XRAY and a 2nd Opinion

Normally, mentoplasty (chin augmentation) is a very straightforward procedure without complication. Your photos, however, certainly suggest malposition of the chin implant, almost as if it were positioned along the underside of the jaw instead of on the surface of the chin.

It is possible this is due to surgical technique and not from inappropriate healing. I'd get a quick xray of the chin (implants are visible) and seek a second opinion just for completeness. If the 2nd doc concurs with the first, then you could return for the revision if you feel comfortable. The other option, of course, is removal of the implant altogether.

Good luck!

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Revision Chin Implant.

Your photo seems to show a long, pointed appearance to your chin. It seems that your surgeon thinks the same by describing it as "pulled down by the sutures".

You have a difficult situation, and I think you need to be examined. Before doing the in-office revision, get a 2nd opinion from a board-certified facial plastic surgeon experienced with Chin Implant surgery.

Your options now include revision or removal. I'm inclined to recommend the later, with replacement in 6 mos. after all of the swelling has settled down. Please get a qualified, second opinion to help you determine what's best for you.

Let me know if I could be of further assistance to you, and best of luck.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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