How Will a Chin Implant Feel?

If you get a silicone chin implant, will it feel like bone when you touch your chin? Can you "wiggle" it or does it feel actually connected to the bone and not move when you grab it? I'm afraid it would feel like the soft tissue. Also, how much force does it take for it to move out of place once its finished healing? For example, if someone punched my chin, would it be able to move out of place? Another concern I have is as you age, will the chin implant shift downward or feel unnatural to the touch?

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Feeling of a Chin Implant

The implant is placed directly over the bone. It is covered with soft tissue so the implant will feel very natural. It will not shift as you age and would take a tremendous amount of force to move out of position. However, if this is a major concern of yours you might want to consider an sliding genioplasty in which the bone of the chin is actually cut, moved forward and plated in place. The bone heals in that position within 4-6 weeks and never moves.

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Chin implant mobility and texture

A chin implant should be quite stable once it heals in its pocket. You can see how this pocket is made in the video link I put in my answer to your other question about chin augmentation. As the body heals in around the implant it keeps it in place and it would be quite difficult to shift it even with trauma.

You shouldn't be able to move it around. It's covered by quite a bit of muscle and soft tissue and the silicone implant is solid so it should feel more like bone rather than soft tissue.

My web reference link below discusses the various aspects of chin augmentation.

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How Will a Chin Implant Feel?

    The chin implant is placed directly onto the bone and feels like an extension of the bone.  The soft tissue is dedraped over the implant.  Pocket dissection needs to be done precisely so that the implant has little chance of moving either early after surgery, years after surgery, or after trauma.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Chin implant expectations

  When a chin implant  years inserted properly, it will feel very natural just like your own chin. A chin implant is inserted through a small submental incision, and placed underneath the skin,muscle and periosteum. The  implant is placed directly over the bone in a precise pocket so does not shift, move, or migrate.  On rare occasions the tail may initially become displaced  and will need to be reinserted properly.   Once the pocket around the implant has healed very difficult   for the implant to shift

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How Will a Chin Implant Feel?

Silastic chin implants feel very natural to the touch. If they are placed properly they will not be mobile or move under your fingertips. The greatest concern is proper choice of the implant which will provide a natural contour that will be in balance with the rest of your facial features. This requires experience. The bottom line is that a well performed cheek implant procedure should create a very natural look and fell. I hope this information is helpful.

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The "feel" of a chin implant

A chin with an implant (for example a silastic implant) should feel much like your  current chin. This is because the implant is place under the majority of the soft tissue of your chin so you would not be feeling the implant itself, just the rest of the stuff that is on top.

Hope that helps. 

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How Will a Chin Implant Feel?

A silicone chin implant is very hard like your bone so it will be VERY difficult to feel, even as you age. You will not be able to grab it because it is placed right on the bone behind all the soft tissue of your chin. After you have healed it would take tremendous force like a serious automobile accident to move the implant. The implant will not shift as you age. 

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