What Other Options Do I Have as Alternatives to Chin Implant?

i am considering a chin implant, but i am afraid that my chin would look longer! i don't want to change my face shape into a box, i just want to improve the way my profile looks... so what do u suggest?

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Alternative to chin implant

The alternative to a chin implant is a mandibular osteotomy to bring the mandible forward to improve a retrusive chin.  Mandibular osteotomy is a significant operation and requires a hospital stay.  An oral surgeon would be the type of physician you want to see to have your mandible surgery performed.  

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Chin implant alternatives

Temporary skin filler injections are one way to test out what it would look like to have an augmented chin.

Sliding genioplasy surgery is a good surgical alternative to chin implantation. It is difficult to say whether this would be a good option for you without seeing your face. Both chin implants and sliding genioplasty can be performed such that the chin wouldn't be any longer.

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Alternatives to chin implants

As an alternative to a chin implant, you can consider an osseous genioplasty, where the bone is cut and moved forward to give the chin more prominence, injectable fillers (which are temporary) or autologous fat transfer.

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Chin Implants Fort Lauderdale

I enjoy performing implants with injectables.  It provides the patient with a temporary 'try-on" appearance for a few months.  Should the patient desire a more permanent correction, I recommend plastic surgery for a permanent prosthesis. 

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Chin Implant Options

The chin implant is one of those surgeries that all patients try to avoid but is one of the most consistent surgeries in terms of a beautiful, natural and long lasting outcome.  The implants come in various shapes and sizes and the surgeon often carves the implant to further customize it for you.

 It typically does require anesthesia and a trip to a surgery center.  As well, some people just don't feel comfortable with a permanent implant in their body.  Other options would include volumizing the chin with purchased filler or fat.  However, this is typically going to require repeated treatments.  All things being equal, I would opt for the chin implant--but discuss it with your surgeon.  Good luck!



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