Chin Implant Too Big, Can't Close Mouth? (photo)

I had chin augmentation almost 4 wks ago now , and my lower lip is still unable to join the upper one. Tissue is stretched over chin due to size I chose (+8mm) , implant is subperiostal (coralline) and will integrate as bone within 5 monthes. This type of implant has no resorption usualy mentalis muscle has been reattached , I think properly ?because muscle is competent ,lip is rising ok (I can touch upper lip ) I completly satisfy with size , I just fear not beeing able to close mouth anymore!

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Lower Lip Incompetence After Chin Augmentation

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It is very common for chin augmentation patients to experience some 'lower lip incompetence' due to tissue stretch, muscle disruption and sensory changes. This is a temporary concern that should resolve itself by three months after surgery. in the interim, I would work on lip closing/stretch exercises which should help solve it even sooner.

Chin Implant Too Big, Can't Close Mouth?

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Sounds like a serious issue in size choice. Best to discuss with your operative surgeon for possible reduction in size or full removal. 

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