Possible Telogen Effluvium from Eating Disorder? (Photos)

~July my hair started thinning & continues (shedding ~40 hairs a day, unusual for me). Causes: ~3 mths ago: mild bulimic (purging 3-4 days/wk, no drastic weight loss) for ~1 yr; I purposely did not have a period by continuing active pills (on YAZ for 3 yrs). Lab results = normal. In 2013, I was diagnosed with TE (I thought caused by stress but I was also semi-active in bulimia). When home, I had a biopsy and exam/blood tests. My hair grew back in full over the year. Is bulimia the cause?

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TE vs AGA vs other

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It's hard to say. I'd need to see your scalp up close to get a sense of whether there is miniaturization of follicles, evidence of regrowth and review all your history to say.  Certainly it does sound like you've had a TE before but whether or not a TE is occurring again or whether previous TE cycles have uncovered some underlying predisposition to androgenetic alopecia is really the key question for your dermatologist to sort out for you. 

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Eating disorders and hair loss

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Yes, eating disorders can cause hair loss.  Hair growth requires nutrician from proteins and vitamins. If someone is deficient in their caloric intake, then this can cause hair loss. This is most likely reversible with resuming a healthy, balanced diet. 

Steven Gabel, MD, FACS
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Female hair loss

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This is a complex problem and many times there are causes that can be addressed. I have written extensively on this see below

William Rassman, MD
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