Is numbness in thighs normal after body lift?

I had a body lift and tummy tuck (no muscle repair) 4 weeks ago. I have numbness on the outside of my thighs. My surgeon says this will reduce in time. My question is, is it normal to have thigh numbness after a body lift? How long until the numbness in the thighs goes away?

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Numbness after body lift?

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A certain degree of numbness in the thighs is normal after both body lift and tummy tuck surgery. This is usually due to nerve stretch as the body is pulled in  superior direction. Congratulations on your recent surgeery and best wishes, Dr. ALDO

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Normal numb

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Normally after any surgery, some degree  of numbness is expected.  The larger the area  that in undermined the layer the numbness.  Normally this is improved with time but some areas can be left with a decrease sensation.

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