Will Hidradenitis Suppurative affect my procedure for Liposuction or Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa and it affects the areas between my breasts, under my stomach, and under my arms. I am scheduled to have aggressive upper body lipo in 5 months. My surgeon has said that it will not be a problem and I have had surgery before with no issues, but never liposuction. My HS does flare up sometimes but most often remains dormant. Will HS affect my healing? Will my surgeon not be able to lipo my armpits since it is affected by HS?

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Active hidradenitis will increase the risk for infection with any operation.

The risk of infection with liposuction is extremely low. Nevertheless, I would be disinclined to perform any elective aesthetic procedure on someone with active infection.

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Liposuction with active hidradentis suppurative

Thank you for your question about liposuction

  1. You question is very reasonable and very important.
  2. I worry about any surgeon who wants to do liposuction in an area of active or chronic infection.
  3. Your hidradenitis should be under control before any surgery in the area -
  4. And often surgery is needed to control hidradenitis.
  5. I would suggest you get a second opinion from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon before having this liposuction.
Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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Hidradenitis and cosmetic surgery

Your hidradenitis in my opinion will affect your cosmetic procedure. I would recommend that you get that under control medically or surgically prior to any elective cosmetic procedure.

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