Will filler results disappear completely? Non surgical nose job

I read (here at Realself) that fillers can cause an inflammatory response that creates scar tissue around the filler, and that that could give some permanent fullness to the area in question (specially with repeated injections). I also heard that , after repeated injections the body will require less and less colagen (H.A) and last longer and longer. I don't really want to pay for the rest of my life. Is it true that scar tissue builds up with multiple injections?

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Fillers, scarring and collagen build up

Great question.  Many surgeons, and experience, would suggest that some results of fillers may be more long lasting over time due to collagen and scar build up in those areas.  The verdict, however, is still to be proven in that no objective, non-bias studies have looked and really studied this.  For now, I think we hope that results will last longer but I would not assume they will.

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