After a BBL is massages mandatory, or an added benefit?

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After a BBL is massages mandatory, or an added benefit?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. I recommend my patients after liposuction to have all their massages, not in the buttocks, and to prevent lumps or seromas..

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After a BBL is massages mandatory, or an added benefit?

Hello Dear, thank you so much for your questions.

I do not recommend massage on your buttocks after BBL, I recommend the massages in the areas that were liposuction, these will help drain fluids and give a uniform appearance in the abdomen..

Hope hear from you soon , best wishes!!

Ramon Morales, MD
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I do not use post operative massages after the BBL. The fat will soften with time and is usually soft when it is injected and stays that way in my hands

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Massages after BBL

Greetings and thank you for the question.  Massages after BBL are helpful after the procedure.  They are not mandatory.  In general, it is an extra cost. It can help with decreasing swelling.  Every surgeon will have a different opinion depending on their practice style.  Good luck!

Ravinder Jarial, DO
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Thank you for your question. Post-surgical massages are beneficial, but not always mandatory. Each practice/surgeon will have their own preference. 

To support the comfort and recovery of our patients after surgery, we offer a post-surgical massage that is designed to speed the healing process and help patients return to their normal daily activities more quickly. Using a combination of lymphatic and Swedish massage techniques, ACPS’s skilled licensed massage therapists use gentle stretching and range of movement motions throughout this 30-minute massage to provide the following benefits:

• Reduce swelling and bruising
• Improve flexibility
• Stimulate nerve endings to diminish numbness and any skin sensitivity

For the majority of our surgical patients, ACPS surgeons recommend one 30-minute massage about 10-14 days after surgery. Additional massages may be needed. Each practice/surgeon will have their own preference. Listen to what your plastic surgeon instructs for post-op care.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Newall

German Newall, MD
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BBL and massage

I do not usually recommend massage after a BBL. Some surgeons do. Best to ask yours his preference..

Steven Wallach, MD
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After a BBL is massages mandatory, or an added benefit?

We recommend postop massage and ultrasound treatments to the donor sites following a BBL. even provide the sessions on site. We think it facilitates the healing process by mechanically decreasing the swelling and by increasing the blood supply through the ultrasound treatments.

George Lefkovits, MD
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Massage after BBL

Lymphatic massage after BBL is beneficial for donor site swelling and to aid with comfort.  It may have no affect on the final outcome and is hard to find a true therapist that does true lymphatic massage.

Christopher J. Kovanda, MD
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Thank you for your question.

It is important to follow your surgeons post operative care instructions seeing as they know exactly what they performed during surgery and exactly what you should do for optimal results post op. I believe that massaging isn’t necessary but if you have some discomfort, swelling or want to accelerate your recovery process, you may do some daily light massages starting about a week after surgery. I would definitely recommend keeping your body garment on until your surgeon tells you otherwise, to reduce swelling and have the best results possible.
Good luck in your recovery!
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After a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) are massages mandatory, or an added benefit?

The question about massaging is a great one and very common with any type of body sculpting, liposuction or fat transfer procedure.  The recommendations vary from surgeon to surgeon and depend on your particular surgery. 

In a typical Brazilian Butt Lift patients have the abdomen, back, flanks and sacral areas liposuctioned (other areas depend on the individual needs of the patient).  The fat is then processed and used to augment the buttock and hips. 

I typically have patients start massaging the first post-operative day for several reasons.  I personally believe that the massage helps work out the swelling and it also helps break-up the scar tissue so that contour deformities do not form.  In this early period I have patients massage themselves with a fragrance free moisturizer. 

The need for formal massages depends on several factors.  The most common is whether or not the patient is able to perform massage on himself or herself or with the help of a significant other to massage them.  If patients are not able or willing to do massage themselves then formal lymphatic massage may be need to optimize their results.  However I typically wait a couple weeks to start the lymphatic massage, as I do not want patients to lie on their butt for the first six weeks. 

In general I believe that patients do better with massage, however the majority of patients are accomplishing this themselves.  Occasionally patients will need formal lymphatic massage. 

Butt augmentation is an incredible procedure that can transform your entire shape, however the post-operative care is extremely important in obtaining the final results that you desire.  Please discuss your post-op instructions after your Brazilian Butt Lift with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  

Johnny Franco, MD, FACS
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