I'm 20 yrs old and still not getting beard on my face. Any suggestions?

Iam 20 years old still am not getting beard on my face. Is it because of low testosterone. To whom should I consult????? To a general physician or skin specialist or a vcare center like thing?????? And one more thing daily handjob will the growth of hair....????plz help me out
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I want beard on my face at 21

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Check out your family and see when your brother, father and grandparents grew out their hair.  This is genetic and it will eventually come out. If not, a beard transplant is a good solution but only when you are 5 years older.

Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Beard transplant

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If you thin beard or facial hair it mY be genetic you need  to wait a few more years as it may still grow out.  If it still does not grow doing beard transplant is a good option and it is very successful.

Michael Meshkin, MD
Newport Beach Hair Restoration Surgeon
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It may be genetic

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Barring any underlying medical conditions that are known or unknown, you may simply not have the genes to grow facial hair. Did your father or grand-father (on both sides of the family) have issues with beard growth? Do some family history research to find out. If you don't find answers there, then consult your primary care doctor to make sure you are not suffering from some unknown medical condition that inhibits your beard growth.

If your primary care doctor finds that you do not have a medical condition causing this, then see a hair transplant doctor for an exam and diagnosis to see if you are a suitable candidate for a facial hair transplant.

Remember that you are still young. Give it a few years.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Beard growth is variable and genetic

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Facial hair, like body hair: arms, legs, chest and back varies considerably from one man to another.  It is genetically programmed how much body hair you will have and has nothing to do with your testosterone levels. In males, body hair can continue to change through your life time.  For example, hair tends to grow more on the chest and back up until about age 40 while the scalp hair typically declines in this period, regardless of the testosterone levels. Your beard started growing when you hit puberty and can continue to thicken until your mid 20s but after that should remain fairly consistent in density.  Some men naturally have full beards and some have patchy beards and other than transplanting hair into the beard, there is nothing you can do to really alter the hair growth of your beard.  I would consult a dermatologist if you are want an expert opinion on any hair question. Masturbation will not have a negative or positive affect on your body hair, facial hair, scalp hair nor your testosterone levels.

Jennifer Krejci, MD
San Antonio Dermatologist

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