Face is Darker After Chemical Peel. Will This Fade?

Had Chemical Peel Today N Spots on Face is Darker,would This Fade Away After a Few Days?

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Spots may get darker after a chemical peel

Hi anon,

It is hard to give great advice based on the limited information provided; however, most peels can lead to darkening of spots.  This is usually good news since it indicates that those spots will be gone once you heal up.

Good luck!

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Fading spots

If you just had a chemical peel today then it is likely that the top layer of skin is getting darker and almost "scabbing".  It is normal for your skin to get tight, darker looking and dry for the first 24-36 hours post peel, and then you will begin actually peeling (lasts 2-5 days, generally).  It is imperative that you wear your sunscreen and avoid the sun all together for a period post peel so that you do not hyperpigment, or get more of those dark spots on your skin.

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