Chemical Peel with Thin Skin (Age 60)

I have had many blistering sunburns as a young adult. Some were so severe my forehead retained fluid. I have very fair skin and at age 60 very thin skin. I have had numerous spots frozen on my face, hands and arms but they continue to erupt and the doctor is recommending a chemical peel. I am concerned about my thin skin and wonder what procedure would be best. I am not concerned about my wrinkles as much as skin cancer.

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25-35% TCA peels do great to get rid of sun damage and precancers even on thin skinned patients.

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TCA peels are great to get rid of skin precancers and sun damage even on thin skinned patients for around $750-1500 for the face and only 1 week of looking bad makes it so worth it.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Discuss your reservations with your dermatologist

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It sounds like you are concerned that your doctor is not listening to you. Chemical peels can be done safely on thin skin, and can even result in healthier, thicker skin, but if your concern is only skin cancers, then using Caroc or Aldara may be the better option and one which insurance will cover.

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