Can Cheek Lift Help with Hollow Eyes?

Hello. I am 30 years old female from Turkey. My main problem is hollow eyes and sagging cheeks. Some of the Drs. advised Endoscopic Mid Face Lifting and also Fat transfer. Some of the Drs. don't believe in Endoscopic Face Lift and also don't like Fat transfer (they say, there can be serious problems like unwanted lumps etc.).

My cheeks don't have much volume(I lived with hormonal problems in 2008, and I lost some volume on my cheeks). Now I decide to have normal Cheek lift (with classical method). I really wonder, if I have Cheek lift surgery, can it help hollow eyes?

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Some types of cheeklift can absolutely help hollow eyes

Cheeklifts performed through the lower eyelid can absolutely benefit hollow lower eyelids. We prefer an ultrashort incision type cheeklift (USIC), often with a fascial fat graft (LUSIC) at the eye cheek junction. We prefer NOT to touch the orbital septum, the tricky layer below the eye that increases the risk of pulling down of the lower eyelid.

Cheeklifts that originate in the mouth and the temple do a nice job lifting the cheeks, but do little for the lower eyelid area, in my opinion.

Grafts, as your doctors have wisely suggested, must be very targeted and conservatively placed or they will be lumpy.

We prefer fascial-fat grafts for this purpose (in our practice we call them LiveFill(TM) grafts).

Below are a few references you may find helpful.

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Noninvasive lifting with fat transfer

My opinion is to avoid cheek lifts.  If not done on an appropriate patient( appropriate patients are rare) and by a practitioner with good skill and judgement they can result in bizarre appearances.  better results can be obtained with fat grafting alone!   I hope this helps!

All the best,

Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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Cheeklift and hollow lower eyelids

A cheek lift will improve cheek contour and the groove at the lower margin of the eyelids. If necessary, some of your fat can be placed just above the bony layer at the edge of the eye socket which will minimize the risk of "lumps".

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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A cheeklift can dramatically correct hollow eyes and correct cheek sagging.

 This is done thru the lower eyelid and is fixed with the endotine device. If additional fat is needed I place it on the bone so it doesn't form the lumps you speak of.

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Hollow eyes and cheek lift

Cheek lifts can help the appearance of hollow eyes by transition the fat to the infraorbital rim. This is frequently performed incombination with cheek implants or fat grafting in order to achieve a longer lasting result.

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Cheek lift and tear troughs

Yes, cheek augmentation can soften the tear troughs. I would recommend a two step technique. Inject the cheeks first. Wait at least 10 to 14 days and reevaluate your look. If there remains some tear trough concerns you can address them at this time with the probability that you will need less product for the desired effect.

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Cheek Lift with a Lower Eyelid Incision

Thank you for posting your question. There are many different techniques to lift up the cheeks, surgical and non-surgical. The less invasive way will be with injectables such as VOLUMA or Radiesse. If you want a more permanent solution, fat grafting could be an option. If surgery is needed, a lower eyelid incision will provide access to re-suspend the orbicularis oculi muscle and elevate the cheek. This approach also allows for repositioning of the intra-orbital fat into the tear trough which many times contributes to the hollowness appearance of your eyes. The periorbital area is complex and you should find a surgeon with the appropriate training and experience to perform these procedures. Hope this was helpful. Good Luck!

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Can Cheek Lift Help with Hollow Eyes?

Thank you for your question. The mid-face region roughly correlates with the area between the lower eyelid and the corner of the mouth. A mid-face lift, sometimes referred to as a cheek lift, can help to restore fullness to the mid-face by vertically repositioning the soft tissue of the cheek to a higher, more youthful position on the cheek bone. At the same time, lower eyelid appearance is often improved as the repositioned cheek tissue is more favorably redraped over the lower orbital rim, minimizing the unfavorable hollow appearance of the lower eye region. A well performed mid-face lift can be a powerful method for facial rejuvenation. Learn more about this procedure on our site. Anyone interested in learning if these procedures would address his or her specific concerns should consider an in-person consultation with a board certified facial surgeon who is experienced in this procedure. Warm regards.

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Cheek lift surgery can help only a little and is fraught with problems

Definitely get as many opinions as possible. Ultimately you will have to decide what is best for you. I have done cheek lifts and I don't think they really help. I immediately change things if I don't think they are benefitting my patients. The hollow eyes are best treated with fat injections, fillers, and implants with fat injections being the best option. Go to someone that is experienced. If my mother asked me this question I would answer it in the same way.

Philip Young, MD
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Cheek Lift with fat transfer can correct the hollowed look of lower eyelids

A cheeklift done through the lower eyelid can work very nicely to correct the sunken in area between the lower eyelid and the cheek (the tear trough groove). Fat from the lower eyelid is preserved, draped over the bone below the eye and used to fill out the groove. The cheek is then lifted and also this further helps disguise the hollowed area and provide more fullness. With careful attention to the details of the operation you shouldn't have lumpiness, though this is a risk.

There is also a risk of lower eyelid retraction with cheeklift performed through the lower eyelid, so make sure that your plastic surgeon is experienced in the procedure. If you would like to look at the patients on my photo gallery, the patients who have had eyelid surgery and also those who have had full facial rejuvenations have all had cheeklfts with transfer of all fat (no fat was discarded). If your cheek bone is recessed, you might also need a cheek implant to get the best result and to reduce the risk of sagging of the lower eyelid.

Michael D. Yates, MD
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