Cheek Lift to Make Eye More Almond-shaped?

Can Cheek Lift elevate the corner of the eyes to make it more almond type? How does it work?

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Cheeklift for restoring almond eye shape

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The cheeklift (one version of it) is tailor made to restore almond eye shape. It can even be used to correct bulging eye appearance either after surgery or from congenital bulging eyes. We have several publications and book chapters on exactly that topic below.

There are many types of cheeklift. There is not one cheeklift that does everything. Cheeklifts are very different from each other in their design and what they accomplish. Some of them lift the entire cheekpad complex up and out. Others are best for the lower eyelids to avoid changes in eye shape. Others place self-dissolving hooks to elevate the cheeks up and out. Some involve incisions inside the mouth and in the temple. Others, just at the lower eyelid or even just the corner of the eyelid.

For changing the eye shape back to an almond shape, we prefer an ultrashort incision cheeklift (USIC) coupled with a canthopexy or canthoplasty (depending on the condition and looseness of the lower eyelid, canthal shape, etc.). This works basically at a superficial level, elevating cheek tissue. That is then used in conjunction with the canthopexy/canthoplasty to elevate the corner of the eye and achieve a smoother eye-cheek junction. We prefer whenever possible to completely avoid the orbital septum, the layer that can cause pulling down of the lower eyelid.

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Almond Shaped Eyes are Produced Many Ways

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Many patients desire youthful almond shaped eyes, and there are many ways to produce them, but the treatment should not be complicated if the desires are simple.  I believe a midface lift could produce this partially by recruiting volume from the lower cheeks providing increased support and secondarily lifting the corners of the eyes.  If you desired simply a change to the shape of your eye, I would address this directly by elevating the corners of your eyes, and supporting the lateral ligament to the bone of you orbital rim by performing a canthopexy.  If you did not like it, or wanted more or less almond shape, the suture can be adjusted, leaving you in control.  If you desired elevation of your midface to fill volume beneath your eyes, a midface lift would be most commonly combined with a canthopexy to provide a natural result.  As in any surgical procedure, the list of possible complications and recovery needed after the combined procedures is more involved and longer.

Cheek Lift for Almond-Shaped Eyes

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Almond shaped eyes are a favorable appearance for most people. A full cheek lift is usually not necessary. A canthoplasty or canthopexy alone is most often done to elevate just the  corner of the eyes if that's all that is needed.

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Surgery to Make Almond Eyes

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Elevating the corners of the eyes can be done alone with a canthoplasty.  However, a midface lift often leaves excess tissue at lateral canthus from the lower lids.  A canthopexy or plasty is then combined with resection of this tissue and can, if that is the desired look, lead to an almond shaped eye.

Canthopexy and cheeklift are probably your best options for almond shaped eyes

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The almond shape of the eye is more related to the way the outer corner of the eye is secured to the bone of the orbit. This is best addressed with a procedure called a canhopexy or canthoplasty

Cheek lifts can lift and enhance the fullness of the cheek which will contribute to the almond shape but that alone will not achieve the desired shape.


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This may be done with a cheek lift, but you really need a lateral canthopexy (lifting the outer corner of the eye), which is done with a small incision in that area. 

Cheek Lift for more almond-shaped eyes

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The risk you take in trying to change this eye shape to an almond shape is not worth the gain. However, if you have a 'round' eye after already having surgery, then it is worth the risk.

Toby Mayer, MD
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