Cheek Implants Visible Through X-ray?

Can doctors see cheek implants through an x-ray, or does it depend on the material?

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Cheek implants are visible on imaging studies

Any implant will be visible on a CAT scan or MRI of the face and head. This will not affect your radiologist’s interpretation of your scan. They will also be picked up on traditional x-rays, but one has to look for very subtle shadows.

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Cheek Implants

'Cheek  implants" will be visible on x-ray. If  the patient's own tissue or fillers such as juvederm were used for augmentation, more sophisticated techniques techniques such as an MRI may be necessary.

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Implants of cheek augmentation visible on X-ray

Alexa 7777,

Yes, most implants for cheek augmentation are visible in radiologic imaging.

Cheek implants are usually made of silicon. Fat injections are also commonly used to augment the mid face and cheek area to add youthful volume. Cheek augmentation with other material may be more difficult to visualize.

Certain types of X-rays visualize the implants easier. Plain X-rays may have a more difficult time seeing the material, while MRIs see the implants (including fat) much easier.

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