Dark Circles Due to Big Cheek Implants?

My cheek implants are too big, as they make my eyes sink in bad with dark line under. What can be done about this? Thanks.

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Smaller implants

If cheek implants are too large and making the eye sockets look sunken in, they can be exchanged for smaller implants. They can also be placed more in a submalar area to keep them away from the eyelids. This should help with the shadow effect occurring underneath the eyelids.

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Please see your Surgeon

Hello Carcat,

I think it would be best for you to follow up with the Surgeon who placed the cheek implants. If they are too big and causing you problems, then they would be the one to address that for you.

If you had the procedure done recently, you may still be experiencing some post op swelling which will go away. On the other hand, if it has been some time, you may indeed need to have the implants removed and replaced with ones that fit your anatomy better. A less likely but possible scenario is that the implants are the right size but may be accentuating a soft tissue / volume deficit by your eyes; this could potentially be helped with fillers or fat injections.

Only way to know for sure would be to speak with your Surgeon about what you are experiencing so that a plan can be developed for your case.

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