Can Cheek Implants Be Dislodged After Healing?

Can a cheek bone implant become dislodged even after everything is healed? I’m planning on having a cheek augmentation in the near future. The only problem is, I've been in karate my entire life; I've also gotten hit in the face a few times (and probably will again). So, is there any way an implant can become "dislodged" after it completely healed (even if I get punched)?

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When placed properly, cheek implants should not dislodge.

No. Once cheek implants are placed in the proper anatomical position in the subperiosteal space, there is no chance of them moving, shifting or dislodging. Even if you get hit in the face it will not dislodge it if it has been placed in the proper anatomical position. However, they can dislodge within the first week of the surgery, but after the healing has taken effect they do not dislodge themselves.

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Cheek Implants and Karate

Alexa: Yes, facial trauma can dislodge cheek inplants. As I said in our previous post, there are alternative ways to augment the cheeks. I would suggest using your own fat or Radiesse, which will become incorporated into your surrounding tissue and therefore less likely to move after a blow to the face.

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Cheek implant movement after healing

Alexa 7777,

Yes, implants may move after all healing is done.

Most cheek augmentation is performed with silicone. Fat injections are also a popular method of adding volume to the mid face and cheeks. Other material, such as collagen or hyaluronic acid, augments the cheeks temporarily.

Silicone cheek implants may move if you get hit in the face. Minor movements may not be noticeable. You may even have facial fractures or develop infections, or other complications. Patients have higher risk of complications with any trauma to the face, especially martial arts.

Speak with your plastic surgeon before surgery, and express your concerns regarding the recovery period & dislodged implants. Cheek implants may need to be changed or removed if complications occur.

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