Pain, Swelling, and Asymmetry After Cheek Implants

I had cheek implant 26 days ago. The left side is totally different than right side. Swelling on the left side is still there, and I can feel there is a liquid under my fingers. There is a lot of pain under my eyes and when I try to open my mouth. My cheeks are totally asymmetric. Could be the implant have shifted from the left side?

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Swelling and asymmetry after cheek implants

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It is imperative for you to see your surgeon if fluid has accumulated or if something abnormal is occurring with the implants.  Fluid, if left undrained, can form an infection that could greatly compromise your results.

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Asymmetry after cheek implants

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After cheek implant surgery, patients should expect to experience significant swelling in the face. It is recommended that they keep their head elevated at all times and that they place a cold compress on to the face to help resolve the swelling. After the healing process, if you continue to have a very different appearance from one side of the face to the other, it is important to immediately return to your plastic surgeon for evaluation. It is possible that you may have a small collection of fluid around the implant or that the implant may have shifted. Your plastic surgeon needs to evaluate you and determine what the best course of action is for this complaint.

Problems after cheek implants

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Temporary asymmetry after cheek implants is common although you are describing more than I would expect after 4 weeks. Pain under the eye could be caused by irritation of the nerve that supplies sensation to the under-eye and cheek region.

I would be concerned that you develop a late infection. You certainly should not feel fluid in your cheeks at that point in the healing process. You should follow up with your surgeon to be examined!

Best of luck!

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