Am I a candidate for Kybella? (Photo)

Just talked to my plastic surgeon about Kybella? I am 47, weigh 134. He said the cost is $1,500--- is that per treatment or for all treatments? How many treatments might I need? Would you recommend this over chin lipo? If so, why?

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Kybella vs Coolmini vs Liposuction

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Fantastic question! Good to know all of your options.
There are multiple factors that go into answering this question...
If there is a lot of fat, liposuction is your best bet. This can be done in-office under local anesthesia.
If surgery is not something you are comfortable with, Coolsculpting would be your best bet financially... as long as the Coolsculpting applicator fits and you are okay with more time to see full results (than liposuction). If your jaw is too small or the amount of fat too little, the CoolMini may not fit.
Lastly, if you have a small amount of fat and the CoolMini applicator doesn't fit your face, I would go with Kybella. There is a significant recovery period with Kybella and the product is not cheap. That is why I reserve it for people with a small amount of submental fat.
All three will give you some skin tightening.
My best,
Dr. Nazarian
@drsheilanazarian on Instagram

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Neck Liposuction Vs. Kybella

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It basically depends on your goals and preference.

1. Office treatment.
2. Needs 1-3 treatments every 6 weeks
3. Great for patients that do not want surgery or have a medical condition that does not allow surgery
4. are willing to wait for results

Neck Liposuction
1. Can be done in office setting.
2. One treatment
3. Good medical history
4. Results are seen faster

There is another treatment that you have not consider. Smart Lipo on the neck (PrecisionTX). This treatment brings all the benefits of the Neck liposuction with the added benefit of less bruising and skin tightening if needed.

Cost of Kybella is per treatment and depends on how many vials are needed to complete the treatment that day.

Consult with a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon that can show you all the benefits that you could gain from different options.

Hope this helps.

Gustavo A. Diaz, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon


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All good questions. Kybella is an FDA approved injectable medication to help dissolve the fat beneath the chin and reduce the fullness. The procedure is done in the office and a small amount of local anesthesia is used. The literature shows three to six treatments are required to have adequate results. The costs vary but I charge $1200 per treatment and my patients can expect to have three or four treatments. Many are through the first and second round and are showing great results. Neck liposuction remains the gold standard but if you do not want the downtime and are patient the results can be similar.

Frank J. Ferraro, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon
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Candidacy for Kybella

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The best candidates for Kybella have very small double chins. The reason for that is that it gets very expensive to treat larger areas. One vial runs $1200-$1500. In the Kybella studies, MANY vials are used to achieve the results shown. Most patients require 2-4 vials in 2 treatment sessions. We try to keep the cost under control. In addition, there is one week down time per treatment session with redness and swelling. Results are gradual and subtle. Neck and chin liposuction is much more efficacious, costs about $3500, one day of down time and minimal discomfort with immediate results.

Am I a candidate for Kybella?

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Maybe? It depends upon the time you desire for results and the amount of funds you wish to put out. Understand KyBella is injections to the submittal areas to dissolve fat. Most need 3 sessions so that would equal $4,500 and the results would take 6 months. Vs Submittal Laser lipo, lipo, RF treatments at a fee of $3,500 with results with in a few weeks. Your choice... 

Kybella vs. Liposuction

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In terms of cost, Kybella is not always the less expensive option depending on the volume of fat to be treated. It does take multiple treatments, spaced a month apart. The more fat in the area, the more treatments. The right choice for you is really going to depend on your goals and what you are willing to put up with. Liposuction requires more recovery but it only takes one session. 

Kouros Azar, MD
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a Candidate for Kybella?

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Kybella is used to help decrease the appearance of fat that hangs below the chin, sometimes called a double-chin. If you have submental fat or a "double chin" that you want to get dissolved then you are a candidate for Kybella. A typical treatment schedule will include 4-6 visits, depending on how much chin contouring is needed and each visit is about 20 minutes long.

Hardik Soni, MD (not currently practicing)
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician

Am I a candidate for Kybella?

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From your photos, I believe Kybella would be an option for you.  Neck liposuction, with or without a neck lift would be alternative options, as well.  In most cases, Kybella requires 2 to 3 treatments spaced approximately 6 weeks apart.  Costs can run between $1,500 and $2,000 per treatment.  Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon who performs all of these procedures.  Once you have been examined your doctor should be able to advise you on which treatment would be best in your case.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Kybella: A Solution for Fat Beneath the Chin

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Kybella is an exciting new FDA- approved treatment for submental fullness, or  a double chin. Kybella (Deoxycholic Acid) is injected into the fat pad under the chin for permanent results. Often 2 or 3 treatments are needed to completely contour the chin and remove the unwanted fat.

A skillfully trained provider can determine if you are a candidate for Kybella vs other surgical neck procedures.  The procedure is safe and effects are evident even after one treatment!

#Kybellatreatments     #doublechin  #fatreduc iontreatments

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Candidate for Kybella

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If you have submental fat or a "double chin" that you want to get dissolved then you are a candidate for Kybella.  Kyle costs $1500 per injection treatment and usually requires 2 to 4 treatments depending on the degree of fat and the area involved.  Best, Dr. Green

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