Can I Change my Eye Shape to Make Them Look Less Tired? (photo)

I've been doing a lot of research regarding blepharoplasty and I have yet to come upon someone who has changed their eye shape, thus begging the question, can it be done? I am an 18 year old individual and was curious if a reduction in the hooded look was all I would need. I was looking for smaller eyes (I.E. Brad Pitt) since mine are quite big as well as any way to reduce the tired look that is very prevailing unless I purposely try and open my eyes up a bit more.

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Do not do surgery

Reducing the tired look and making them smaller could go against each other.  You have deep set eyes, making them smaller would be a mistake.  I recommend not doing anything here.  As you age things will change in this region.

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Allow maturing

I would not recommend you change anything at this time. Your face will continue to mature well into your 20's so I would discourage from pursuing any procedures at this time.

Amiya Prasad, MD
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Can I Change my Eye Shape to Make Them Look Less Tired?

Your submitted photo is quite small, so it is dificult to accurately assess your problem without seeing you in person. However, from the photos, it appears that you have two problems. the first and most important one is mild congenital ptosis of the upper eyelid.

This means that your upper eyelid is lower that normal, and it covers too much of your cornea. This would require an advancement of your levator muscle to raise your lid margin. I highly recommend that you find a surgeon that is very experience in this procedure. Usually ophthalmic plastic surgeons perform this procedure frequently, but some plastic surgeons perform it frequently too.

Your additonal problem appears to be a deficiency of the bone under the lower eyelid. This can be corrected permanently with an implant. Another choice would be a filler such as Restylane to see if you like the improvement. Then you may chose fat grafts instead of an implant for a more permanent solution.

Profile photos would allow better evaluation of the bone deficiency problem.

Good luck.

E. Ronald Finger, MD
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