19 days post op Breast Lift with silicone implants under the muscle, one side is bigger than the other. Will it even out?(photo)

Now 19 days after surgery one is still really bigger I was told by the doctor that it is inflamed and will go down but I'm worried that one is still going to be bigger base on the fact that both breast as in 250cc. Please let me know if they will even out are if I have to consider to do surgery again

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Post-Operative Asymmetry Following Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift

Your post-operative pictures demonstrate significant breast asymmetry following the combination of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. In addition, your pre-operative pictures demonstrate relatively good symmetry. During your surgical procedure symmetric breast implants were utilized. Despite this, you have significant asymmetry following surgery. The magnitude of this problem suggests that this is more than swelling alone.

Although your pictures are helpful, determining the exact cause of this asymmetry is difficult without a physical examination and further studies. Under these circumstances, it's important to rule out seroma formation or hematoma formation. This may require radiographic studies or ultrasonic studies to determine the causation.

Hematomas require re-operative surgery to control bleeding and evacuate residual blood within the breast pocket. It's important to recognize and treat hematomas following this type of procedure promptly to avoid secondary complications. Untreated, hematomas can result in significant capsular contractures. They can also result in the development of infection and the loss of breast implants. In light of your concern, it's important to seek consultation with your plastic surgeon.

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Asymmetry after lollipop lift plus implants.

Yes, you are early after surgery, and yes, your breasts were different before surgery. But your photos show a significant asymmetry, more than can be attributed to swelling or inflammation.

Without a physical examination or ultrasound, it is impossible to accurately identify a hematoma or seroma, but your marked size discrepancy makes me concerned about either of those possibilities, and antibiotics won't "cure" or solve either--you need surgical evacuation of the blood/fluid.

I am also concerned about the visibly-longer vertical limb of your lollipop lift on the left breast compared to the right. You certainly had more ptosis pre-operatively in your left breast, and this seems to have required a much longer suture line below your nipple on that side.  If revisionary surgery is necessary to correct this skin brassiere problem, I would wait at least 6 months, and maybe a full year, so the "next time" it has a higher likelihood of success. And I would consider a full Wise (anchor) pattern to correct the skin excess in two dimensions instead of just one.

But your more immediate concern is whether or not there is blood or fluid in that left breast, or if your present appearance is simply a result of your surgeon's choice of breast lift pattern. Best wishes! Dr.Tholen

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Asymmetry after breast lift with augmentation

You're very early in your recovery in the amount of asymmetry that you have can be very common after a combination breast lift with augmentation.  As others have stated wait 3 months before making a judgment.  You should look more symmetrical after another 2-1/2 months.

For more information on breast lift with augmentation please read the following link:

Breast lift with implants

Hi C,
It appears you have a wonderful improvement with a definite lift.  One breast "appears" larger in your preop photo, so assuming you had 250cc on each side, then that size difference will remain.  But the bottom line is that you are real, real early in your healing course, so give it many more months, and keep your surgeon in the loop as things settle in.  All the best, "Dr. Joe"

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3 weeks post op breast lift with one much larger breast. Will they even out?

  Unfortunately you appear to have either a hematoma or a seroma of the left breast. A hematoma is a collection of blood around the implant. A seroma is a collection of amber colored watery fluid around the implant. If it's a hematoma it will have to be surgically treated. If it's a seroma, you might be able to avoid surgery if you respond to antibiotic treatment. If the antibiotics don't work, then you should have surgery .
  In either case, if you continue to simply watch and wait to see improvement with no treatment of any kind, then you are at great risk for having additional problems such as a capsule contracture of the left breast, or mandatory removal or replacement of the left breast implant..

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Asymmetry after augmentation and lift

Thank you for your picture. You're only 19 days out from surgery so you have ample time for the swelling to subside and your breasts to become more even. Please judge your results after three months of healing.

19 days post op Breast Lift with silicone implants under the muscle, one side is bigger than the other. Will it even out?

Based upon the posted photos you have a serious iatrogenic asymmetry. This can ONLY be corrected with additional surgery. So very sorry. 

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Changes after mastopexy and augmentation.

Your question is beyond the scope of this forum.  Please review your concerns with your surgeon.

Generally, it takes several months to see the final results following mastopexy and implants.

Best wishes.

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Breast lif with implants

hello. thanks for the very interesting question. It is still too early to predict the final results of your surgery. you must wait for the swelling and recovery time pass, do not stress and especially stay in direct contact with your surgeon

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Breast Lift with Silicone implants under the muscle

Hello and thank you for your inquiry.  Slight asymmetry is not abnormal, however, based on the photo, your left breast looks significantly bigger than the right.  Set up an appointment with your surgeon so he can examine and compare both breast to make sure you are not developing a hematoma.   Good luck!

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