Only Have One Central Incisor... What to Do? (photo)

My problem is that I only have one central incisor and crowding. The other tooth never came down. I don't have any gaps or spaces either for another central incisor. I had braces when I was younger to fix some crowding. They suggested the only method to make me look normal and have two front teeth was to create a gap and bring down the tooth that never came down and then go from there. But being young I didn't want to do all that and now it really bothers me now. How can I get 2 central incisors now?

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When You Have a Front Tooth Missing Look Into Options

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I highly recommend you get braces and do exactly what they told you at the orthodontist.  BUT  you can do something temporarily with some cosmetic tricks( for the time being). You could have a dentist who is very cosmetic oriented, reshape 9 a bit -bulid out your lateral 7 to match 9 as much as possible to look like the missing front tooth and get a little more balance until you can wear braces!  Have a cosmetic dentist do a wax up appointment to try it-Good luck-

Bellevue Dentist

Dental Implant Answer

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It appears you still have crowding issues as well as a posterior crossbite on the left side. Depending on your age palatal expansion will open up space to bring the central tooth into the arch. Then cosmetic dentistry can reshape both centrals as needed. There are "quick fix" options available like 'snap on smile' for short term results as well.

Eric S. Weiner, DDS
Long Island Dentist

Orthodontics is your best choice

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Being young is the biggest advantage you have. The best choice is to open the space, resolve the crowding and bring down the tooth that did not erupt (braces in combination with oral surgeon). This works best in young patients. If you wait too long it may not be possible to do or may involve more oral surgery.

You will get a better result and be thankfull you did it in the long run. If you are looking for a quick fix, then it will involve very complex and agressive cosmetic dentistry treatment such as crowns or veneers. This will mean grinding down teeth wich is irreversible and lead to continued maintenace of this work. It will not be as good as having your own natural teeth.

Hope this helps

Dr. T

Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

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Orthodontics for One Incisor

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Without question, your best option would be to get braces to create a space large enough to allow room for your unerupted tooth.  Once the space is created an oral surgeon can expose the tooth allowing the orthodontist to move the tooth into the correct position.   This would give you the most aesthetic result long term.  Good luck.  

Orthodontics can create space for teeth

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The previous orthodontic work appears incomplete.  It would be best to see an orthodontist and a cosmetic dentist to create a plan to do as previously advised. Any "short term fixes" would need to be fixed after the ortho is complete, so you would need to decide if it is worth the added expense.

Missing permanent teeth

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these cases can be challenging and they require a team that have experience in them. today with the advent of implant dentistry and the availability of different dental implant diameter, thise cases can be done much easier. yfrom what i see in your pictures, you are having a space problem. the first step is an orthodontic evaluation to see if they can recreate space for you, based on that, the treatment modality can be either regular restorative by having veneers especially if spaces can not be made, andif you can have a space, than dental implant should be considered. 

Edgard El Chaar, DDS
New York Dentist

What to do with unerupted tooth

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My advice would be to have a team of orthodontist and cosmetic dentist to work with . You are young and the best option is to open space in your upper jaw. Be Patient with  your treatment as you have many years ahead of you .

Good luck.



Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Options for missing central incisor

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You are very lucky as you have lots of options as stated by the other dentists.  The important thing is to get all the information for your particular situation.  Some things may not be possible in your situation and others may.  By visiting multiple dentists and orthodontists, you can get multiple perspectives and go with the doctor that gives the most desirable treatment plan for you.  Some options that might be possible are:  removal of one or more teeth and creating a space and then pulling the other central into place with orthodontics (all kinds of variants to this option exist),  or aligning current teeth and placing porcelain veneers, or using bonding to correct teeth without having to trim them (this may not give you everything but may be quick and inexpensive for a while until you are ready to go more permanent.  Good luck!

Only Have One Central Incisor... What to Do?

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With only one front incisor in, that makes for a number of important complications. I would first meet with a great cosmetic dentist. You are talking about permanent changes that will affect your mouth and your smile for many decades.

It sounds like one of your wishes is to have something done right now. It may be possible to have a temporary smile that looks more of the way you envision it. There's no reason why you couldn't have an improved smile right away, then sort out the bigger decisions.

With only one front incisor down, you will have a difficult, demanding conditions to create a great smile. More than likely there will be some sort of compromise to the perfectness of your new smile if you try to work with what you have as it is. 

I would encourage you to consider  getting the other front tooth down. It will make a huge difference in how perfect your smile will look at the end. I would spend more time now investigating the options and the pro's and con's of each option before you commit to a certain plan.

One Central Incisor

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Clearly your first step should be to get the opinion(s) of an orthodontist(s) you feel comfortable with.  You may need a good cosmetic dentist in the end to bring it all together for you, but orthodontics has to be where you begin.  It will take time to create a great smile for you but be patient, you have many years ahead of you to enjoy the benefits.

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