Had a Consult Done, is $45,000 too Much for a Full Set of Implants?

i simply cant afford $45,000.i went 2 a dental implant center.thats what they quoted me. they made it clear that i cant wait any longer. the problems are bad and getting worse. i need and want full mouth implants. my health is at risk. is there any advise for someone cheaper in tucson az?

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Dental Implants in Cancun

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It depends in what your dentist is offering you, we have hybrid solution from 13,000 US or complete Snap on dentures (implant retained dentures) for 8,000 US, it is much depending on what you want, you want a removable device or permanent bridge? Either way, I guess you can have it much affordable if you do it abroad.

Is $45,000 Too Much for a Full Set of Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are becoming more common-place nowadays. There are some heavily advertised clinics promoting major dental implant reconstruction.

There are always options to the costs and the types of reconstructions you can have with dental implants. It sounds to me like you are having a lot of problems now. It also sounds to me that you have determined that the estimated cost of $45,000 is simply out of your budget. You need to decide what is manageable with your budget first. Then keep speaking to different implant dentists until you have confidence about the cost and the type of reconstruction they are offering.


I'm concerned that what you want is unmanageable for your budget. That can be a hard reality, as major reconstruction with implants is very expensive. But...don't be discouraged. There are MANY different ways to rebuild your teeth with implants.


Find the right implant dentist, decide a realistic budget, and then get started. You will feel better even if you can't have your ideal solution.

Full mouth reconstruction with implants

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There are multiple options with restoring full mouth with implants and implant-supported prosthesis from PFM crown-and bridge work  and hybrids to implant-supported overdentures. The full arch with 4-6 implants and hybrid is around 25,000. The 6-8 implants with PFM crown and bridges can easily be around 45,000. But there are also another options like complete removable dentures? jr implant supported overdentures. All the patients want something fixed, but if finances are limited we should look into more appropriate options. You also can get a consult in a Prosthodontic program in the local Dental school. Probably they will be able to help you with lower prices and comprehensive treatment plan. But usually the treatment in the residency takes much longer time than in private practice. 

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45,000 for full set of implants

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Not sure what type of prosthesis they were giving you.  It sounds like it may be called an All on 4.  45,000 is around the normal price.  If you cannot afford it another option may be a removable denture that is held in by those implants.  You would need to take the denture out and clean it but other than that it is very comfortable to wear.  The other issue may be the implant center that you went to may not offer any other options.  Get a second opinion on your options


Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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You Have Options

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While a fixed "hybrid" implant case can run +\- $25000 per arch, you can opt for a removable, implant retained denture at a much lower cost.  Talk to your dentist about this option where 2-4 implants are used to hold the denture very securely in place.  They appear just as nice cosmetically and are easier to clean, in addition to the lower fee.The implant center you are speaking of may only recommend fixed restorations and may not even offer you other alternatives.

Good Luck!

Gary Nack, DDS
Philadelphia Dentist

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