What is Causing the Unbelievable Throbbing INTERMITTEN Pain in my Teeth?

I had a tooth crowned in Nov 2012. After the permanent crown was placed, i had sensitivity and a little pain in my cheek directly over the gum of the tooth crowned. That passed. For the past 3 days had an INTERMITTENT, incredible pain on the same side as the crowned tooth. The pain begins at crown, then grows to throbs, then to overtaking of a section of my face even slightly into my jaw. The pain is intense and last a few minutes.

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Pain under my crown?

In most cases this type of pain means the tooth will need root canal unsually it takes between 1-4 visits and the treatment can be done through the crown or remove the crown do the root canal and then remake the crown and reinsert. When the nerve dies in a tooth gases are created and pus with no where to escape and that is why it hurts so much. Usually cost of $900.00-$1800.00  Good Luck


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Throbbing pain under the crown

When the tooth is originally prepared for the crown and provisional crown is placed there can be bacterial leakage under temporary cement. That can cause inflammation inside of the tooth. According to your symptoms you have classic inflammation of the pulp and need root canal treatment. So, you should visit your dentist or an endodontist (specialist in root canals) for root canal treatment. 

What is Causing the Unbelievable Throbbing Intermittent Pain in my Teeth?

Pain after dental work can vary widely. Most of the time, new dental work settles in within a few days to maybe a week.

Any tooth that needs a crown already has a major dental problem. It could be a large cavity, or a crack in the tooth. These teeth usually require extensive treatment to repair.

At this point it's difficult to tell if it still could be as simple as your bite is not quite right. That may explain what felt odd to begin with. Stress can cause teeth clenching and that can punish a bite imbalance, until it causes significant pain.

There is also a chance that whatever the major problem was in your tooth, that the repair work was deep or close to the nerve. Some teeth do not heal and begin to abscess. It can feel similar to what you described.

I'd call your dentist right away and have him evaluate it. At the minimum, you may need the bite adjusted. If he sees a start of an abscess, then it will require a root canal treatment.

Pain after recent crown

It's impossible to say without performing a careful exam and reviewing your x-rays.  I would advise to see a dentist ASAP.  It can be as simple as adjusting the bite, possibly just some irritation under the gum or a bit more involved like possible nerve damage to the tooth.  A differential diagnosis can only be made by going to the dentist.


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Needs to be Evaluated

Your symptoms may be resulting from inaccurate occlusion (bite) on your new crown or worse, a pulpitis requiring root canal to resolve.  Go back to your dentist and have him evaluate your pain.  If bite is the cause, the cure is easy and quick.

Good Luck!

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