Single Front Tooth Crown - Can I Expect a Perfect Match and Remedy for Discolored Gum Line? (photo)

In 1996 I got a crown on my front tooth. Now I had it replaced(chipped-grinding).It's taken this DDS 4 tries, finally he brought in the lab tech. In natural light it's a perfect match but indoors it seems to be stand out as too white and reflective. My gum line is very dark there and my teeth are very white but translucent. I don't recall my old crown being obvious. How can I make my gum line pink at the crown? Should there be any noticable diff between in natural vs Empress tooth in any light?

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Single Front Tooth Crown

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Looks like your dentist is doing everything possible to find a close match. A single front tooth crown is almost impossible to match the adjacent natural tooth perfectly in all lighting conditions. I always explain that to patients and prefer to place a Veneer on the adjacent tooth at the same time.

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Single Front Tooth Crown - Can I Expect a Perfect Match and Remedy for Discolored Gum Line? (photo)

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Matching a front tooth takes all of the finesse of the cosmetic dentist AND the perfect lab technician. It takes BOTH of these practitioners to create a fantastic result.

Light affects porcelain (including Empress) and it does react differently in different kids of light. In general, it ought to look good under most lighting. There may be certain lighting were it just doesn't match completely-that is within what's normal.

At this point there is not much that can be done for your crown to change or improve it. 

A separate issue is the appearance of the crown at the gum line. A big part of the final aesthetics comes from creating a very natural looking gum at the edge of the crown. If you really hate it, you could consult with a Periodontist to see if some gum surgery or gum grafting could improve the look.

Single front crown?

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Very difficult doing only one front tooth we try never to do that because color match is very difficult but can be done it appears your dentist is working hard to save you money. As far as pink gum crowns can have a metal substructure and I suggest you consider all porcelain restoration if your not happy. Good Luck



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