Why Canine is Turning Sideways?

Missing two incisors but canine so close that gaps were minimal. Since removing wisdom tooth, noticed left canine sliding away from the front but now I noticed that it has turned sideways creating too big a gap. What can be done to straighten out again. Is there any solution that does not require braces? As a matter of reference, my sister who was never missing any teeth, has the same canine turning around.

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Orthodontics Used to Move and Straighten Teeth

Hi Miami...the only procedure to straighten our move teeth is orthodontics. You have a wide variety of choices from traditional braces to invisalign, or Six Month Smiles. You can crown that particular tooth or veneer it to change the size and shape, but it will not move or straighten the tooth! 

Teeth need forces to move

Braces are the most common treatment, but alternatives include Invisalign or Inman aligners.  ALL are forms of orthodontics, which is the only way to MOVE teeth.  The only other NON orthodontic method would be a porcelain veneer or crown.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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