Can Wearing Swim Goggles Lead to Permanent Eye Bags?

I am a 47 year female, swimmer for over 20 years. I bought new goggles this past year that used suction to stay in place, and estimate I wore them 25 times over the summer at 20 - 40 minutes per swim. I would notice redness and swelling under the eyes that would go away after a few hours.

In August, I started noticing deep bluish rings, dark shadows I had never seen before. I am now left with puffy eye bags and seemingly permanent goggle marks around my eyes that I did not have 6 months ago. They are unsightly. I have very thin skin under my eyes as it is. Concealer doesn't help, and in certain lights I am absolutely appalled at the change in my appearance. Could I have accelerated the aging process by wearing swim goggles? Will this problem resolve on it own over time?

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Eyebags not from goggles

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You have a condition that is very common and it comes from aging and weakness of the soft tissue around the eyes. If the swelling is worse after wearing goggles it will get better after few hours. Please consult a board certified plastic surgeon for options including

1) blepharoplasty and this involves removing fat pocket and tightening the soft tissue

2) transconjuctival blepharoplasty( only fat removal) and this may cause hallow eye down the road

3) injecting fillers to fill the groove and this is temporary

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Perhaps it will resolve.

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Puffiness or bags around the eyes is caused by naturally occurring fat around the eyeball swelling with edema ( water) or weakness in other tissue allowing the fat to protrude forward. You may have accelerated or exacerbated the problem wearing the eye goggles. Give it some time and consult a Board Certified plastic surgeon. The discoloration may be due to blood congestion in the tissue which also may or may not resolve.

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