Is the Veneer Process or Placement Painful?

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Pain and Porcelain Veener Placement

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I think you need to look at the patient and decide on the basis of how much reduction is needed on the teeth and the fear and sensitivity of the patient who is having the procedure done. It seems to me that you are already concerned about the pain. We use an anesthetic on most patients but we have used oral sedation when there are a number of veneers being done. Halcion works well and the patient is relaxed and so is the dentist!

You have a choice of lumineers or vivaneers where there is less reduction but you also have to have the right size teeth so when done, the finished product does not look bulky. Dentistry should not HURT! Pain should not be an issue...that is whey we have oral sedation.

Van Nuys Dentist

Porcelain Veneer Pain

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There are many factors that will determine how much of your tooth (if any) will need to be adjusted for you to receive veneers. Most patients have very little or no discomfort at any point during the veneer process and do not even require any novacaine. If your particular situation requires that a moderate amount of tooth structure needs to be removed to achieve the ideal results, then you probably will be more comfortable being numbed during the prep and insert appoinments.

Richard Champagne, DMD
Freehold Dentist

Veneers placement pain

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It depends on patients. Some patients who have sensitive teeth and a large pulp or had a tooth that was not aligned with the rest of the dentition and needed more tooth structure removal can get sensitive and might need some anesthetic before veneer placement. If patient need anesthetic I usually use a very light one just to make them comfortable. But most patients don't need any anesthetic for seat day.

Kate Sahafi, DDS
Orange County Dentist

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Lumineers procedure is pain free dental cosmetic treatment

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The majority of patients are completely pain free with Lumineers. Shaving  the tooth down is conservative and mostly is limited to remove the sharp angels or old fillings. to take the impression it is better to numb the patient,so you would be happy with the procedure.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Most patients state the it was completely pain free

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We can't promise zero discomfort, but the majority of the time, patients state that the entire process was completely comfortable. Most experienced cosmetic dentists use materials and techniques specifically to reduce discomfort. Anesthetic is almost always used.

Situations are different, and some people have other issues to fix at the same time as a smile makeover (sometimes root canal therapy is done at the same time), but generally speaking there is no pain.

Veneers Process is comfortable and enjoyable

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If you choose the right cosmetic dentist, the veneers process will be comfortable and enjoyable. We now have technology that allows us to be extremely conservative in our preparations, and, in some cases, requiring no preparation of your teeth. Not to mention -- the results will have you smiling a gorgeous smile for years and years to come!

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