Can Lipomas Come Back After Lipoma Removal Surgery?

Are lipomas gone for good, or can lipomas come back after lipoma removal surgery has been done?

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Lipoma recurrence

Lipomas can recur after lipoma removal surgery, although this is uncommon. Lipoma recurrence is thought to occur because the lipoma is incompletely removed at the first surgery. This is more likely to happen if the surgery is performed through liposuction, as it is difficult to ensure that the entire mass is removed with this type of surgery. Lipoma recurrence does not mean that the original surgeon did the first operation incorrectly.

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Lipoma recurrence

After lipoma removal, most lipomas will not come back. If the lipoma was removed by excision then the chances of it coming back are very small. Some surgeons prefer to remove lipomas using liposuction and these are lipomas have a higher incidence of recurrence.

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