Can Any Dermatologist Do Subcision of Rolling Acne Scars?

or only 'cosmetic dermatologists' or plastic surgeons?

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You have to do your homework

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Dr. Rand's response is right on.

How a doctor develops their practice is much like any other professional. The composition and areas of high expertise is very varied. If you have a very specific request such as the one you make, it's imperative that you spend the time and energy to figure out who in your region is particularly interested and focused on this issue.

It would be nice if we could just tell you to go to a well-qualified, board certified plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, or dermatologist. In that case you'd just have to check that credential and you'd be done. In reality, there are plenty of people who have those credentials (and are truely great providers) that simply don't do much in the way of subcision. The only way forward is to meet with several providers and ask: "How many subcisions have you done in the last six months?, "Is treating acne scars common in your practice?", "Do other physicians in this area refer patients to you for this problem?"

Wish it could be easier than that, but nothing can substitute for a little homework on your part.

Hope that helps

Experience is key

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Treatments such as subcision are very experience dependent and are not in the armanentarium of most dermatologists, or plastic surgeons for that matter. You should seek the advice of a doctor who is of highest reputation and has significant experience with this treatment. Dr. Miles Gravier in Atlanta is a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with this.

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