I have a crown on my front tooth which is loose. My tooth is fractured. Can the fracture not be repaired?

I have a crown on a post on front tooth which is loose. Dentist says tooth fractured so will need extracting and implant put in. Can the fracture not be repaired?

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It is not uncommon but the tooth can fracture after having a post and crown. The reason it usually can't be repaired is because fracture usually is below the gums and then not enough tooth left to support new crown. You need a certain amount of tooth structure above the gums and usually the tooth fractures too far below gums to make restoring it possible.

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Fractured Tooth

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Not if the root itself is fractured. This usually occurs when a tooth has had a root canal and a metal post placed in it. If the root is fractured, it will have to be extracted and an implant is a great option for you.

Tooth Root Fracure

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It sounds as though your dentist has determined that the crown is loose because you have a fracture in the root of your tooth. Once a tooth has a root fracture it is deemed nonrestorable and will need an extraction.  Typically,  your best option for replacing this tooth would be by placing a dental inplant.  A crown will be placed over the implant and should be very aesthetic once completed.  Good luck.  

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