I'm unhappy with front 6 crowns. Am I being overly critical or do I have valid concerns? (photos)

In August I had 6 crowns placed. After the cement they don't feel uniform, 3 on the right protrude more than the other side, 2nd to front left is at an angle and darker, black v's between my teeth, I can feel the air when I speak, am having problems with stuck food, they get tight then creak and just seem big and wide. I went back to my dentist but no one saw an issue. I return to my dentist next week - am I being overly critical or do I have valid concerns and if so, how best to explain.

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Front crowns

I do see a little of what you are describing. However, the teeth do look great and look natural. Also, it can be a lot of trauma on the teeth to have them taken off. I suggest you leave them as is, since you do look good.

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Front 6 crowns

There appears to be several things going on here.  Here's my observations other than the ones you have pointed out.  The crowns are thick.  Makes them appear very bulky.  The front surface of them is too convex from the chewing edge to the gum.  The canines are very prominent.  The two front teeth "appear" wide.  there are ways to keep them the same width so they touch the teeth next to them but make them "appear" narrower.  Just a few initial thoughts and something to point out with your dentist.     

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